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  1. Invisible illness says:

    She is horrid. I am on year 7 thanks to her. She especially doesn’t care about mental health. Look at her denials vs Charlotte, NC or US. This trend has not changed either. The level of disgrace I have for this judge is real. My lip curls and hr goes up by 20 bpm just reading her name

  2. Dis able veteran says:

    She is a disgrace, I’m a veteran who fought for this country and worked all my life, to have a judge dis regard medical evidence,with your fate and livelihood in her hands. She needs to be removed.

  3. Laz says:

    She is a disgrace, I’m a veteran who fought for this country and worked all my life, to have a judge dis regard medical evidence,with your fate and livelihood in her hands. She needs to be removed.

  4. Upset that abusive judges are allowed to destroy people's lives says:

    This judge is unqualified and should be removed. Her approval rate is so far below the national average, there cannot be any justification except that she does not believe anybody is actually disabled. It’s disgraceful that nobody does anything about her. I don’t know how she sleeps at night.

  5. Diane says:

    All of you that have been denied have your attorney to carry your case to Virginia you may have a better chance getting disability. They are over this judge.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It took my son 4 years before his disability hearing. Then was turned down. Then it went before the top hearing board in Virginia and was approved. He was to go back before this judge I think before he was to get disability. My son suddenly passed away right before his hearing date. I hated it took 5 years and passed with out getting anything. The part I look at is some of these judges acts like they pay disability out of their pockets. Yet if you have worked half your life or longer and paid in its your money I think if you really disabled you deserve it. Though some do try to abuse the system

  7. SPLC says:

    She does listen to Claimants. She is respectful, but very straight forward. Stickler about MR’s and 5 day rule. Asks for opening and allows for closing.

  8. Lamark says:

    I think Mrs Poulos is a very fair judge that listens to every case through my name is Lamark Adams and no matter what she is doing her job

  9. Anonymous says:

    I have rheumatoid arthritis and she has denied me twice. I am hoping to get to see a new judge because she just doesn’t care about people. She has lied in her denial letter. She says things like I continue to travel to the islands every year because I have darker skin. I came into court with a heavy purse and she doesn’t believe my doctors! I don’t understand why she is allowed to do this. I haven’t traveled to ANY islands and the bag I had with me in court had almost nothing in it. It contained slippers, wallet and some papers. My surgeon, pain management doctor, RA doctor and primary care physician are not liars! And she can make statements like saying she doesn’t believe them without any evidence to show why should be thrown out and she should be reprimanded for making such statements! There are so many people who get disability benefits who are not disabled and many disabled people who get denied. Something is very wrong going on. She is proud of her very low approval rating. She just wants to save the system money and couldn’t care less about the people who need it. I have worked since I was 15years old and put alot of money into S.S. and can’t get the help I need now that I am unable to work again. I have to give a 1 star rating because 0 is not an option. Believe me, I would give 0 if I could. Whether she reads these comments or not is unimportant because I don’t think she cares what people say or think or need anyway.

  10. Charlotte says:

    I suffer and I mean I suffer and she denied me my disability but that’s fine. I have worked hard in my life never ask know one for nothing. I hate to say this but I pray she suffers just half as bad as I do before she dies. Sorry but that’s how I feel I guess cause I am not a drug addiction I lost

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