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  1. Dustin says:

    She approved me she seemed nice and listened to all I had too say

  2. Kevin says:

    3 yrs as a judge and I have her lying in my denial it’s clear she don’t know anything about medical or mental health issues. She has no business being in the social security. Let alone a judge I have already turned this into the fraud of social security after the appeals process I plan on making sure she never practices law at any level how could anyone play with a person’s health like this. It’s a disgrace to see a judge lie not once but twice on a denial. I will be back to comment after this is handled with the answer I receive

  3. Anonymous says:

    She kept saying ‘ I don’t know how to rule on this case”. Her comments are not clear on the report she had filed. If someone is at step four and surpasses the checklist, wouldn’t that clarify a YES vs denial. I have worked everyday I have been scheduled on a work schedule and actually had 2 jobs for 4 years, since 1981 a day after my high school graduation, and now here I am filing for disability…. and I get DENIED BENEFITS! from her decision stating, she doesn’t know how to rule.. She doesn’t care. Oh when its her turn … I PRAY SHE GETS DENIED!!

  4. Michele says:

    This Judge listened to my entire case in January 2018. In August I received my decision of Denial. This person does not care about women and abuse or disabilities. She didn’t mention any important information.

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