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  1. Sherrie Fields says:

    For once in my life I felt like someone was on my side,even if i get denied I would like to Thank Mrs.Conyers for showing the attention and concern for my situation,she helped with the way I perceive myself,For once I felt like I mattered,if she decides against me I’m sure she knows best and someone else needs it more than i,God Bless.

  2. Phillip Cross says:

    I just wanted to take a few moments and thank Judge Conyers for a fair and honest hearing,as well as considering all evidence submitted to her, along with the testimony of the Vocational Rehabilitation Representative.As a Disabled Veteran,I’m used to being rushed and mostly over-looked by the Veteran’s Administration,and was expecting similar treatment.Judge Conyers was very polite and seemed genuinely interested in my case and well-being.She was thorough, but I never felt rushed or uncomfortable during any time we were speaking. My hearing was prompt and on time and did not take nearly as long as I was expecting,which was great for me,as I am physically unable to remain sitting in one position for very long.This is also a credit to Judge Conyers,because she definitely did her homework and was well prepared to hear my case. In closing,I would like to say thank you ,Judge Conyers,for making an expected unpleasant experience much more bearable and pleasant.

  3. Nicolas Raso says:

    Wanted to give my thanks to Judge Conyers for hearing my case even though I was not prepared before hand for what might take place at the hearing. Also for being patient and not getting frustrated with my brain traumatic injury symptoms and PTSD. Since my hearing I have being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis as if I didn’t have enough issues already. I have also had complete shoulder surgery and the Veterans Administration has upgraded my need to have my caregiver needs at level 2.

  4. Juston ShawI'm says:

    Maybe we should pay the alj per case that is actually completed not a big salary. Bet cases would not take so long to finish then.

  5. Juston Shaw says:

    I wish when they approved the case they would finish it there and then.we have lost everything. Now live in 5th wheel about to have utilities cut off and be homeless waiting

  6. Abandon All Hope says:

    Well, ALJ Conyers is certainly very kind during a hearing and comes across as very concerned about the client. She does tend to allow the representative to begin the questions, but then interrupts quite often to ask her own questions. Again, though, she is very considerate about this and not at all overbearing.

    All this being said, she is currently approving only about 15% of all claims that come before her. I do not believe you could come up with those odds if you just rolled a pair of dice at the start of each hearing.

    Even before she returned to OKC ODAR she only had an overall approval rating of 25-26%, which again is less than the odds of just throwing dice.

    While it is nice to have a kind ALJ at a hearing, I am sure everyone would be more thrilled to see an ALJ that actually applies the law and evidence to a claim and awards those individuals that obviously meet the requirements for Disability.

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