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  1. Emily Chadwick says:

    I was seen by her because i have grand mal seizures that keep me from driving and working regularly. But because she cant decide thats a real disability. Losing complete consciousness on a regular basis
    Totalling out two cars. Pissing on myself at work. And having nocturnal seizures all the fucking time. Then im.done waiting
    Im going to start driving again illegally. And if anyone cares when i total my car again i hope it doesn’t kill people because judge littlefield took way too much godamn time giving me a fair hearing

  2. Neja Hardaway says:

    My name is neja Hardaway . I was waiting on my disability status from you and if you could give me a call 6788777224.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Littlefield was very welcoming from the time I walked in. She asked straight to the point questions, and I felt that she really took a look at my records. The VE never said a word. Then she started talking to my attorney saying terms I didn’t understand and talking dates. My attorney walked me out side and stated she would find me disabled at my hearing if I changed my onset date. From Sept 2014 to April 2015. I had no problem doing that. My hearing last maybe 10-15 mins. A word of advise is to let your records speak for themself. Don’t over exaggerate, because they know when you do.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judge Littlefield had made statements of SSA Juvenile law statutes in reference my sons disability case, and my sons age
    is 22. When we brought up that the SSA statute should be referenced because my son is now 22, Judge Littlefield did not acknowledge the one that we were bringing up. I can’t believe that a twenty minute talk with the SSA doctor would be more credible than years in the Marcus institute in Atlanta, and the full diagnosis from the Emory Autism Center along with notable Dr. Leslie Rubin. She gives me the feeling she may have become routine instead of a case by case Judge like her earlier record indicates.

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