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  1. R annon says:

    I have this judge for an upcoming hearing in February of 2024. I am terrified and have pretty much resigned myself to the fact I am going to be denied simply because of the judge I have.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This so called judge for Disibilty should be disbarred and never again be allowed into a courtroom as lawyer must less a judge. She is a disgrace to the word judge , she is by far and also proven fact very racial with all her decisions, I am living proof she does not go through records from your doctors or hearings known fact when she mentions your son was a witness and list his name when number 1 you have never had a son in your Disibilty hearing nevertheless she names someone being your son you never heard of…..this woman is by far the biggest joke for a Disibilty judge all over this country and should be ripped of her robe.

  3. Disgusted attorney says:

    An outlier approves 14% of cases.
    Biased and needs another job cares nothing about following the rules or considering the evidence.

  4. Don't even want to say says:

    And how if December 1,2022 ain’t come yet

  5. Don't even want to say says:

    Like I don’t even want her then why if you just on straight denial the whole time and why

  6. john doe says:

    how can such a creature be employed by the agency what slime gutter did she slither out of?

  7. L. Nichols says:

    Your % figures state that it is 28% for fiscal year 2017 but it is 28% for 2020.

  8. SD says:

    Please tell me how I can get that information. I too believe she discriminated against me for my race.

  9. Roz says:

    I have an emergency . i had Vagal Nerve Stimulation on june 25th. My case was suppose to be heard on june 29th. I now have an implant and should not have to go through the same process. It is hard to reach anyone. The man at the office keeps hanging up. Someone please help my children and I. I have all documentation

  10. Anonymous says:

    Judge Knight has the lowest approval ratings in the country. 16% approval less than 5% for caucasian applicants. We have filed discrimination complaint with social security administration and a compaint with the bar association here in Virginia. If she is your appointed judge I am sorry for you.

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