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  1. J says:

    This Judge denied my case very nasty disgusting human being I had 2 heart surgeries depression and anxiety & she scolded shook her big head roll her evil eyes repeatedly at me. I pray she finds Christ because she’s one evil bitter human. She’s very disrespectful unprofessional & inhumane she’s very self centered & very racists in my opinion. She deserves zero stars nasty old witch.

  2. J says:

    This Judge denied my case very nasty disgusting human being I had 2 heart surgeries depression and anxiety & she scolded shook her big head roll her evil eyes repeatedly at me. I pray she finds Christ because she’s one evil bitter human. She’s very disrespectful unprofessional & inhumane she’s very self centered & very racists in my opinion.

  3. Shawn says:

    Judge Silvia Alonso it was very tough with me in the beginning, I lost my left leg in a car accident in 2006 I started my case January of 16 she denied me one-time denied me again finally I think I got to the root of the cause and with my new medical evidence she basically told me I would be getting my benefits. Judge Lonzo I just want you to know I believe you saved my life, I was in really bad shape mentally and physically finally I guess you understood that you got me the help I needed and for that I think you’re the best judge in the world. Thank you Shawn washabaugh


    This Judge needs to be FIRED! I am a disabled 100% P&T Service Connected Veteran with military medical records. And 3 MD’s professional opinions and medical evidence for my military disability. All my records are from military service and the VA.

    Sylvia H Alonso, gets off on her power and scoffs and made faces. Snatching her glasses off during my hearing. And yelled at me about “what I looked liked”.

    Sylvia H Alonso will make your case what “SHE FEELS” she wants your case to be. Not giving any consideration to the education of the medical professionals, Doctors, records, and the governments written rules of law for injured or disabled veterans. Disabled in the line of duty with medical records from the United States Military Government.

    Sylvia H. Alonso rules according to her personal beliefs. She will play with your life like its a toy. And humiliate you in the process. I lost my home and had to file bankruptcy due to the negligence of a timely decision that’s now at 9 years! Once my case was expedited. This so called “Judge” took her time and denied my case AGAIN. Not once did she mention I was a service connected disabled military veteran. She ask questions to catch you in something or a lie. So she can twist your case to favor a denial for her personal beliefs.

    Sylvia H. Alonso behavior was recorded during my hearing for social security. I have filed a complaint letter with the social security administration to warn them of her behavior. My case was sent to appeal through my lawyers. But that’s another 18 months of waiting. ON TOP OF 9 YEARS!

    Let me make this clear. This could have been settled by Sylvia H Alonso.. But this woman made a choice to give an unfavorable decision again based on her personal beliefs. THIS WOMAN IS A BLACK HEARTED MONSTER!

    Sylvia H Alonso enjoys her power over Doctors, other Judges rulings and lawyers. If the doctor says your sick. Sylvia says your cured! Have a nice day…

    I thank God and the VA for being their for me. The Veterans Administration is AWSOME! And I credit them with saving my life! May God bless the workers at the VA. I love the United States of America. And If given the opportunity, I would defend this great country again!

  5. Joshua says:

    This judge should be removed from power she is evil and considers herself above the law

  6. Anonymous says:

    This judge is very negligent, unforgiving, and should not be practicing law, clearly does not know the law. She requires the utmost, you can have substantial evidentiary support, records, labs, and clinical notes and she will still push your case to their “medical expert” which gives contradicting information/reviews. She is extremely negligent, failed to review records and important documents that were submitted to her MONTHS prior to hearing. She doesn’t care to hear much of a testimony from the patient. She demeanor seems very judgmental and seems prematurely deny case before you have even been given a fair chance to deliver your testimony.

  7. E says:

    This woman is a monster. She is a vile, ugly and a sinister human being. Her apathy is disheartening. Doctors that I’ve seen know her by name and one told me, “SHE HURTS PEOPLE.”
    She loves her power and it’s all that she craves and eminates in her hearings.
    She dismisses and scoffs at medical documents and medical expertise.

    She will look over your claim with an agenda already decided and will sway and manipulate your documents to make her decision justified.
    She will call you a liar, as she did me, and make you feel hopeless and less than.

    She compared one of my disabilities to “a couple people I [she] knows” are fine.
    – With all due respect, Judge Alonso, anyone who rubs shoulders with someone of your power SHOULD NEVER BE COMPARED TO ME AND MY LIFE! EVER!

    She belittles doctor medical assessments. She shows that she is more powerful than anything a doctor says or diagnosed.

    She questions you only to try and catch you.
    There is absolutely no compassion or care in her hearings.

    This woman is a judge because she wants power and gets off on it.
    I pray that she finds love through Christ because she is a mean and nasty human being. The least she can do is show compassion for the claimant but she will not and never will.

    Remember, “SHE HURTS PEOPLE.”

  8. Allen says:

    This judge is hearing my case in November. Based on the percentage of denials (58), and approved (22) percent, the lowest of all the judges, it just made my depression worst! The national average for approvals is 44 percent! Her rate is half of that! Wish me luck.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I went to my hearing yesterday with Judge Sylvia H Alonso she was very professional very understanding in my case I like so much the way she approaches questions like how frequently i made my nails my answer was once a month because with that question demostrates my honesty also she ask me about how long ago i broke up with my boyfriend i answered the true he broke up with me because my sickness and my tedious treatment of prescriptions that generated a lot of side effect like my lack of energy to perform the majority of activities i feel very sad and with a lack of hoping about life and cancer recovery is not easy but i have to said thank you dios for my life and to provide me with a fear and understanding judge that make me feel positive in my case I dont know the results yet but regardless the result I have to say she knows that i cannot perform the jobs that the vocational witness mentioned as security and light duties is not in my background as a po and also i try in an alternative field in a store as lost prevention and i cannot be stand or seated for long periods of time no more than 15 minutes and i have days i cannot move from bed and my frequency to oncology and psychiatric is every month and medical doctor every week for blood test and hormones teraphy i have to be ausent more than three times in a week and i dont think no job duties accepting that but anyway the process was limited time only 25 minutes and the end the vocational witness consumed the majority the time at the end but in resume, the judge very strong but fair at the same time I trust her more than my attorney or anybody involved in my case Thank god for the judge Silvia H Alonso I know for her professionalism she is going to understand my case. signed a 62 yrs old woman cancer survivor on hormonal treatment and psychiatric treatment with a lot side effect thank you god and thank you Judge………with all my eternal respect.

  10. Clora leath says:

    I loved this judge she was sincere and understanding if all people can have a heart like her i think this world would go great. thank you judge alonzo for understanding my concerns and pain SHE’S THE BEST

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