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  1. Marta Lopez says:

    Judge T. Patrick Hannon should be removed. I had a hearing for a disability claim. His questions during the hearing were all to find ways to deny my claim. At the end of the hearing he asked me if I had a degree, and had a look of disbelief when I said yes. His comment of “well you can push a broom” was unbelievable. I was working as a certified paralegal before I got sick and couldn’t work. He also asked me if I was a citizen of the US. Was that a relevant question. My sisters had been paying my expenses because I was hospitalized several times with my illness. He also asked who was paying my expenses. Did he need to know that to determine my disability? I was traumatized by the whole hearing experience. It has taken me several years to accept what happened. This is our court system at work, only the privileged can participate.

  2. Ashley says:

    this Judge is a *****, so if you are not white, you will not win your case.

  3. concerned citizen says:

    My experience with Judge Hannon was extremely negative. Judge Hannon denied my client’s disability claim on the assertion that my client’s disability was not an impairment that met the severity of one of the listed impairments in 20 C.F.R. Part 404, Subpart P, Appendix 1. Yet, my client’s disability is in fact one of the listed impairments. Because of my negative experience and impression that Judge Hannon was prejudicial towards minorities and misogynistic, I researched him and located several lawsuits including T. Patrick Hannon v. Shirley Chater, Commissioner of the Social Security Administration 887 F.Supp. 1303 (1995). Judge Hannon sued the Social Security Administration claiming that “he was passed over for an administrative law judge (“ALJ”) position in the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) because he is a white male.”
    Thus, my foregoing impression of Judge Hannon was corroborated by the fact that Judge Hannon sued the SSA because women and minorities were being given ALJ positions instead of white males like him. You can read the full case law at the following address:

  4. Ericka Washington says:

    Well, I really hope that it’s over, only time will tell! After close to a three year wait, I was able to get in, and speak with Judge T. Patrick Hannon. I really didn’t know what to expect, nervous as hell as maybe some would expect. Naturally shaken, and afraid of the unknown, The Lord Held Me, just as I knew “HE’ would, and I’m So Grateful for HIS Presence. Thank You LORD! If I had to say something about the Judge, I would say, he gave me a fair chance to speak and express how I felt. That meant a lot, folks barely pay any attention to what others are saying, or are trying to say. He listened, asked questions, gave me an opportunity to ask questions, and appeared to have had human interest and respect for me and my case. Don’t know how it will turn out, didn’t feel one way or another when I made my way out of the room. I do know, that I felt better coming out, then I did going in! It could have been relief for getting this behind me, or because what I expected to take place, didn’t! Nothing like I imagined, so if anything, try not to get to worked up about these types of situation, as if you Swear by your Word, and your Word is your Bond with Our Heavenly Father, then things will go as they should! and I feel that it did! Thank You Judge T. Patrick Hannon

    I will follow-up with the decision of my appeal hearing to let you guys how it went, one way or the other…

  5. Chris says:

    Judge Hannon was good enough to rule that I can get my money back from SSA who unfairly – and unlawfully witheld it for two years (this threw my life into havoc of course). Nine months later, I have not received that money. Communications from SSA are horrendous. When I call, they acknowlege that they owe me but just don’t know what the “processing center” is doing, or not doing.

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