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  1. Kim Croney says:

    I like the way she listen to me am I feel like she was all about my grandson she have not made a decision but I honestly think she is really good being a judge due to her asking questions am wanting to know how the individual interaction with others I must say I like her vibe thank you for taking the time to hear me out I know it’s your job but you could have passed it on to some other judge but you made time for me what ever her judgment is she do her homework I’m a working grandparent who have guardianship of my twin grandchildren an I do this by myself with no help from the government i will continue to work hard an be the best role model for them they are only 4 an been through a lot but with the help of myself an others that are in my circle every day they will be stronger than ever they will not fall short disabled an all thank you again Judge Whitaker

  2. T T H says:

    Judge Whitaker was very interested in me during my hearing. Let me start out by saying she has not ruled in my case, but I was impressed with her ability to show some compassion while remaining very professional throughout the entire hearing. She asked numerous questions, and did not appear to have made up her mind prior to the hearing. She asked some important questions. Good Luck to all of you.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have worked indirectly with ALJ Whitaker on numerous occasions. I have had many clients go in front of her for hearings and she is probably one of the more fair ALJs within Social Security. I worked with her when I was still with a practice in Indiana and I look forward to working with her more in the future upon her transfer to Ft. Myers. She is unbiased in her opinions and works off evidence, not off assumptions. Please notice when reviewing her that her numbers are one of the few ALJs whose numbers have stayed relatively consistent over time.

  4. SS Atty says:

    ALJ Whitaker runs a fair hearing. She certainly is not a “giveaway” ALJ. Makes a decision based on the medical evidence and is flexible and willing to change her mind if the evidence is there. Does not appear to have an agenda as some ALJs do.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Cant have hearings with any other judge the same day as this judge or you will get admonished by Whitaker.

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