1. Shelle says:

    I had my hearing the Judge Tammy was wonderful listen to my case. And grant me a approved bench decision.

  2. Kara Oberry says:

    THis Judge was a very personal professional. She took her time, explained the process we were going through and expressed empathy with my case. She made this a personal experience, the first I have had since applying for help with Social Security.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel that Judge Thames is very good,She took her time with me reviewed all the documents,and took time to hear my case fairly,there was no hurry,although she is a very busy young lady.Thank you, Judge Thames

  4. Anonymous says:

    She shouldn’t rush through her cases so fast. Take some time to read between the lines. Slow down.

  5. Anonymous says:

    She Sucks.

  6. Larry Smith says:

    This is a large case load! This judge should be commended. I wish our judges down south were as productive instead of playing golf or beating their children.

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