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  1. SSA Employee says:

    I work DIRECTLY with Judge Whitaker on a daily basis. She is a BIG supporter of ‘due process’ for the Claimant. She is always focus on the Claimant and their right to that ‘due process’. In her daily decisions she is always ready to take a ‘hard right’ instead of an ‘easy left’. A unfavorable decision does not equate to a wrong decision. There is a human being under that robe. And from my position I have seen her humanity. From a Claimants position, they love her on a favorable decision and denounce her on an unfavorable decision. THAT in and of its self is inhumane to pin on such a Professional with such a responsibility to the public.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This Judge is cruel and inhumane. Making someone who has a lot of health issues, physically, mentally and emotionally wait 6 months from a hearing date for an unfavorable decision. What took you so long? You may have won the first round, but this fight for what is due to me, is far from over. I hope you sleep well tonight. Shame, Shame on you!

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