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  1. I adore Tanya Garrian, I stan Tanya Garrian. If Tanya Garrian has a million followers, I am one of them. If Tanya Garrian has one follower, that person is me. If Tanya Garrian had no followers, I would not exist. When I inhale, I inhale the essence of Tanya Garrian. When I exhale, I am releasing her spirit back into the world. My sole purpose from the day I was born was to worship Tanya Garrian, and if she were ever to perish, my life would have no meaning. Every day of the week, every second of every minute, I dream of Tanya Garrian. If someone were to use Tanya Garrian’s name in vain, they are now my number one enemy. Every person, object, or circumstance that blocks my connection with Tanya Garrian is an obstacle that must be eliminated immediately. All my time, resources, and mental energy are entirely dedicated to Tanya Garrian.

  2. Gabrielle says:

    A judge that carefully looks at the medical and cognitive records. If any are missing, she will find it. My mother has been very ill for ten years, but was denied even at an ALG hearing. I just would like to sincerely Thank you for being a righteous judge who weighs in past and present evidence and will go even beyond that! Keep up the great work fighting for those who truly are disabled!

  3. Sandra says:

    Thank you so much for hearing me and my life been better since receiving my Ssdi god bless took me while to write review for u but well deserved ❤️ God bless

  4. Emilianys R. says:

    I just want to take the time & thank Miss Judge Tanya Garrian for taking the time to view my case & hear me out, Also understanding me when I was very nervous & scared at my hearing. Without your help I wouldn’t be moving forward with my life with the help that I been needing for years, You have made a big change in my life & for that I thank you !!! Much love to you Miss Garrian. ❤

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