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  1. Mom, Dad, I’m running away. You guys have never respected me and my identity, and I can’t stand it. From the day I was born I knew that I was pissgender, but nobody will let me live my truth. I bought a plane ticket and am flying to Bangladesh to join a piss-friendly community in the forest. I’ve also stolen $15,000 dollars from the safe upstairs in order to sustain life in a new country. Consider it reparations for the pain you put me through. In only five days I will finally be surrounded by fellow piss-guardians and appreciators of urine. You never loved me, even though I tried my best to be your perfect little snickerdoodle, a benign little cherub. I never wronged you, nor did I anyone else. All I ever wanted was to feel free and liberated in my identity, and you never gave me that joy. Now, I will claim it for myself.


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