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  1. I think my social security hearing was just a game to them since 2017 I have been appealing I have took anti phycotic meds over 15 years and they know I am one of the chipped for Intel Inside.So the world world can pay for there unfavorable decision.

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  3. Karen says:

    If Judge Armbruster ever reads this, I just want him to know how appreciative I am to him for literally saving my life with his decision on my case. Thank you, sir. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your compassion and understanding. God bless. ~Karen

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wore my Shield of David necklace. Nothing but an antisemite when I was asked about education. Nobody from the SSA was present to speak about my job details. My lawyer provided a transcript of the hearing as requested and at some point I will release this to the Anti Defamation League. I was shocked at the level of ignorance in this State as well as the sexist infantile questions if I “babysat”.

    May Golda Meir haunt this twat.

  5. Renee Exendine says:

    Your Honorable Ted Armbruster proved to be a conscientious, thorough and experienced ward of the court. Judge Armbruster was well prepared and had perused my case completely. His attention to detail pointed to his experience and ability to follow protocol.
    Judge Armbruster displayed he was very knowledgeable regarding the years of my long tenured medical issues. His inquiries were sound and required, in order to document his findings, of a fully favorable decision.

    I commend the Social Security Administration for their preparedness and employing Judge Ted Armbruster.

  6. Nancy Jo says:

    I had my hearing with Judge Armbruster a week ago. I just knew that I would be denied. That being said, he was very professional in his demeanor. The questions he asked were required of him and my council and I were able to speak our peace. I became emotional and he gave me time to recoup and answer more questions. Fair yet, by the letter of the law. Not once did he make me feel “less than”.
    I did have a preponderance of medical and had heard of many being denied. With 3 cervical surgeries, depression, anxiety, PTSD and lumbar issues.

    At the conclusion of the trial, he gave me a fully favorable bench decision. I was amazed and had to let it sink in. My advice, keep your cool and appreciate they have rules to follow.

  7. Stephen B. says:

    Judge Armbruster is a compassionate thorough but fair judge. He asks a lot of questions that make sense; no tricks or games. His decision in my case was based on the preponderance of evidence.

  8. Anonymous says:

    He is terrible! Good luck with this idiot!

  9. Kerry G. Passey says:

    Awesome Judge.

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