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  1. Rebecca Friedmann says:

    I went before Judge Davenport twice. Both times, she ignored the evidence provided by my doctors and physical therapy evaluations. The second time she asked if I minded if an Occupational Therapist that was present for the hearing and the OT would make a ruling of her own. Even though the OT stated that she believed that there are not any jobs that I can do based on the information present, Judge Davenport still ignored the evidence and ruled that it was a part time/full time working issue not a disability. Judge Davenport ruled both times that my problem had nothing to do with a disability, that the problem was that my employer wanted me to work full time and that I only wanted to work part time. I couldn’t work full time due to my disability, and it was getting difficult to work even part time due to the pain I was in. In regards to medical evaluations, she ignored the evaluations from two physical therapist and my own doctors and ruled based on my evaluation from the doctor that Social Security had me go to, I was only there for about 30 minutes. I even had back surgery and she still ignored that as me being disabled. I don’t think she should be ruling on disability cases.

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