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  1. Elonna Brown says:

    Went to my hearing for my son in September 2019. The judge was very understanding about the fact I had to fly into Colorado and didn’t have anyone to watch my son. He made the case fast and was very understanding that my son couldn’t keep still. He listened to all of my concerns and took all the extra paperwork I had brought in as well. Regardless of the decision I respect that he took time out to listen and allow my son to in the courtroom.

  2. Jesse Marin Jr says:

    Judge Terrence Hugar overheard my appeal in my Disability case February 2019 . He listened to All of my medical evidence and history that was presented in front of him concerning my case . He then asked me many questions about my current health and my daily lifestyle and limitations . He was very Fair in all of his questions he asked me . Overall he was very knowledgeable and professional ,and made me feel relaxed in his questioning and approach . Judge Terrence Hugar is in my opinion a Very Fair and Very Knowledgeable in his Duties .

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