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  1. Dt says:

    I think that the way they check for disabilities needs to be updated. For one, I tried to continue working part time. Even two days a week was very painful. I know I had pain and went to a Rheumatologist years ago. She did a CT scan and told me Fibromyalgia is what I had. It isn’t my fault they couldn’t find my record. I was under another last name and they also knew that. I have read that they are known for losing records. When you have flare ups that comes and goes depending on what you do during the day, the weather, exposure to chemicals, the stress you are dealing with, if you are always getting colds and bad coughs, etc. The day you go to the doctor they send you to or even your doctor, you may not have those issues that day. You need to be able to see the doctor the same day as your problems are acting up. You can’t get in most of the time because it takes six weeks pretty much around here. The following week of seeing their doctor, as in my situation, I was down the whole week because I hurt so badly. I have been under bad stress for over 20 years because of being married to somebody that is bi polar. Walking on eggshells, wondering when things will happen because his meds didn’t work for some reason. Maybe PTSD from that? I fear any kind of stress anymore. I was fairly healthy before him. My last job was constant stress because of poor management and I ended up pushing through my extreme pain to make sure the customers were taken care of. That is just how I am. They don’t know the days I worked and had to go to the grocery store my leg dragging and me hanging onto the grocery cart trying to hurry and get done so I could go home and lay down. I don’t have a doctor following me around during those days. I watch people take a bucket load of meds for all their problems. One to fix something and another one to make sure the first one doesn’t do damage to organs or whatever. I see all those meds that are advertised and say all the side affects. Even death. I don’t want that in my body. I have tried meds that didn’t work, made me sick if I missed a dose. PT I tried, made my knee hurt so much more. I know my body and know what helps me and I do those things. Since my grandson was out of school all last year because of Covid, I was never sick. But I don’t have an income to replace my CPAP supplies. So I haven’t been able to start back up with that. Before I did use it. Then I was sick with a very bad cough all that fall. I know what cheap cough medicine helps me so I used it instead of going to the doctor that I couldn’t afford to pay. When you have all of these problems, the bills add up. I know that limiting what I do during the day and stopping when I can tell it is starting to be too much works on keeping my pain down. So that is what I do. I know that avoiding the things that stress me out helps so I avoid it as much as I can. That does mean staying away from my spouse as much as possible. While I was waiting for my hearing by phone, I was physically sick. My nerves were shot, I couldn’t breathe, felt sick to my stomach. I never used to be that way. I never used to get so angry over a little stress. When it is on going and nothing changes, that does affect a person. I would mow the yard on the rider to get rid of stress. Nobody bothered me and I didn’t have to think about anything else. When I had anxiety I would go get a drink of something and when I was drinking it, my anxiety would calm down. I didn’t need meds to do that if getting a drink of juice or water helped me. Massages helped me even though they were very painful when I got them. The girls at the place I worked knew I was hurting. I even had a guest offer to pick up something for me because she seen I was having trouble bending. My mind is not completely gone because I am not pumped full of pain meds. I know that pain meds can mess with your mind. I had a broken wrist once and the meds made me feel like I was losing my mind. I am not one that likes that feeling. I will avoid it if I can. My upper arms get weak sometimes and they really hurt to touch. I tried getting my spouse to massage them. It hurt so bad I was in tears. But it helped ease that weird feeling I had in them. The thing is, a lot of us with constant pain, maybe Fibromyalgia, or some other inflammatory disease, knows our body, we know how it reacts to things, and when you have those problems so long, you learn what helps and what doesn’t. Why would we waste money on things we know don’t work? Why would I use up my retirement to pay my bills if I was able to work? That is just stupid. I would rather be around people that don’t cause me stress. They don’t even take into account that you couldn’t go to the doctor to get more recent xrays and tests because you don’t have the money to pay for it. These things need to be changed. Not everybody likes to be put on medication that can cause more harm. I have thought about suicide recently because of all of this constant fighting for what I need and nobody understanding how it is for me, my grandchildren keep me alive and I won’t do that to my family.

  2. Tomy says:

    You have no idea what you have done.. but I will make sure you suffer the same as those you have ruined. My father was a state attorney.. you are a Leach and a pathetic human. South Carolina is not that far. BOY.

  3. Anonymous victim. says:

    I was treated so unfairly, been disabled since 2017 and its as if they do not care when you have credible medical evidence of your condition in front of them. Im Struggling to survive.

  4. Disillusioned says:

    Judge Hess has gotten worse. He used to be a pretty decent ALJ but now he’s turning down cases he wouldn’t have thought twice about when he was in Charlotte. Maybe it’s government targets but it’s no coincidence that Greenville judges average 42% denial rate. There’s no spread there at all and I guess it’s the same all over. Hess has opted not to rock the boat and deny righteous cases to keep his average up. Shame on him.

  5. Teresa says:

    Judge Hess is very fair, his compassion and caring professionalism was truly appreciated. Thank you Judge Hess!

  6. Paul Dyne says:

    It is your Uncle Paul

  7. SSA Victim says:

    Does not review medical records or diagnostic tests. On 3 instances in Mr. Hess’s denial, he stated for each impairment, there were no medical records, findings or lab results backing claimants impairment thus the claimant is not credible. Yet, within the records, even the ones Mr. Hess had ( copies submitted to me by SSA ), there were a multitude of medical records, imaging, labs and Doctors statements..How crooked is the system? My attorney informed me the judge made an error of findings and we appealed to the review council . The review council wouldnt even review the “proof of error”, these crooks, blatantly sent it back siding with the judge?? My attorney stated they were wrong but also stated that It’s the government, if they tell you the sky is brown, you best believe it is brown. He said cases before Judges are a toss of a coin. How true it seems!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Judge Hess was very respectable, approved my case, and allowed me to testify about my medical condtions in a professional manner. Thank you Judge Hess Sir, you are highly respected, and appreciated!

  9. Robert says:

    This judge is a joke. You have many medical experts oppinions backing your claim, “but” because he doesnt like the answers, he gives them no merit or weight! He is a judge, not a doctor, but he feels the need to, in so many words, say, “your doctor doesnt know what he/she is talking about”. He doesnt review all medical records. ONE, example of MANY inconsistencies from Him ( he wants to point out inconsistencies of the claimant, lets point fingers at him! Had A CT scan showing, cirrhosis, enlarged spleen, Gal stones. His words “claimant states he has enlarged spleen but no medical record proving such” ( realy? who is inconsistent now?) Diagnosed with Agorapbobia, social phobia, bi polar, fear of being around people. The judge seems to believe, if you have such phobia, surely this would be observed and a problem being around people in a venue setting such as an “emergency room” REALLY? So if someone has agoraphobia or social phobia, this would prevent them from doing something thats not an option. Medical Emergency, hospital, Emergency room ? this isnt dinner, its a MUST.

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