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  1. Anonymous says:

    I would agree that he is tough but fair. If he finds you not credible it’s over. He will try to trip you up to make sure you are consistent but that’s his job. Don’t try to lie to him. He does his casework and he knows more about you than you would think. Remember one thing- your attorney will never win your case for you. 90% of the questions asked are to you personally- not your lawyer. Your case needs to be very well documented. He already has all the information he needs -but he is fair and will give you the time you need to defend your case. He is totally by the book. There are no free rides with him.

  2. TiaDonna Lewis says:

    The judge didn’t believe my testimony, I remember him saying something like which one is it as if I was lying I don’t know if I heard his question right or if I understood his question, this is one of the symptoms that I have. The counselors at Region Ten and the medical dr at Northridge, Dr John Azer at outpatient psychiatric twisted my words around and didn’t write their notes right about me. I saw another medical doctor there also that didn’t listen to me how I was feeling about my symptoms. I tried to find another place to go but with my insurance a lot of doctors don’t take it so it is limited. My nurse practitioner kept telling me to go back to Northridge and I did finally. The psychiatrist that I see now listen to me about my symptoms and cared enough to do different tests on me to get to the root about how I be feeling. If you say that you are suidical they will help you, if you say you are not they won’t help you and take you seriously. Everyone is different and symptoms are not the same as the next person, it is a shame that the doctors wait until you try to kill yourself then you can get help. You might look ok on the outside but inside you are not because depression and ptsd symptoms are visible. I was doomed from the get go to be denied by the Ali judge, Theodore P Kennedy. My nurse practitioner has helped me a lot, she kept telling me to try the medicine, she knew I was hurting and an emotional wreck and at my lowest. I was denied because the Alj judge didn’t believe my testimony and what the nurse practitioner said about how I would be affected at work. I don’t have any reasons to lie about how I feel everyday, this is not living, I mostly stay home to myself and just because the medicine helps some that I don’t need help. I guess you have to be suidical to get help, I don’t want to kill myself,I want the pain to stop.

  3. SSDI Rep says:

    He is a pleasant man and most of my clients find him comforting and personable. But, for his cases, if the doctor has not outlined limitations that put claimant below sedentary, then forget it! Explicit limitations or a Medical Source Statement outlining limitations must be on record. Or else, this judge is not approving this case. And if you have an awesome case, then expect him to apply a GRID for anyone having a recent birthday, resulting in less back pay. I rather take this than a denial altogether. I like this guy a lot but case needs to be SOLID or else he’s not approving it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Fits in good with many of the negative ALJs here Swank, Dawson, and Pierce

  5. Siaucia says:

    I rlealy appreciate free, succinct, reliable data like this.

  6. Anonymous says:

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