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  1. Anonymous says:

    I had Judge Annos twice and he found me unfavorable both times, the last time 2/14/18 and I just rcvd my decision last wk….Judge Annos does not have a heart and he is not fair. If you have him as a judge, you are doomed!!!! I have bipolar I, PTSD, agoraphobia , and take 5 meds for my mental disorder. I have been fighting for my disability for over 4 yrs and I will never get it with these judges as I am called a liar and they feel my testimony does not match my dr notes bc they say I am considerate and polite. I dont go to the drs office punching walls or barking like a dog. Also they say I can no longer be a Case Mgr or CSR but I can be a Housekeeper or clean eyeglasses. Annos is heartless, period!!!!!!!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    You might know kilbane and **** has the highest denial rating… wonder why the other judges seem to be right about within the same range…for anyone who is fighting for disability and gets judge kilbane or ****… kilbane personal experience) You don’t have much chance at all even if your in a wheelchair…I hear the same for ****…. both must be heartless *****…

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