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  1. Yasmine N Jefferson says:

    My hearing was with Judge Theresa Merrill November 23, 2021. I would like to thank Judge Theresa Merrill for being so understanding everything went so smoothly. My asthma was so bad that, day during the hearing. She allowed me to stop to use my machine so I can finish my interview with her that, day. She made me feel comfortable. She carefully reviewed the facts of my case and made the enclosed fully favorable decision, thank you again Judge Merrill.

  2. FRANKIE V says:

    Judge Merrill is a very kind and compassionate human being I felt very comfortable during my hearing with her. I was lucky to have my hearing with the pleasant Judge Merrill. of course everyone is a bundle of nerves at this life altering event and it’s nice to have someone who excels at their job.

  3. shanda says:

    My hearing is the 7/28/2015 I hear this is a very good judge I will see and update my status I hope all goes well.

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