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  1. Unknown says:

    Need to be careful…. She’s denying everybody their social security when they need it and of she but daughter is not even 35 years old and collecting

  2. Angie says:

    Very disrespectful, tending to make a mockery out of your issues. No understanding whatsoever of any kind of mental health disability; why I was sent to her is beyond me. She makes up things about you too, claiming that you said this and that about your said illness, when in all honesty, she loves making a lot of things up in order to make light of a situation. Acts like she knows you. Extremely ignorant when it comes to life in general. I don’t know how someone can be so naive and simultaneously be a liar.
    Did she get her degree in a week?? Because that’s what it seems like. She’d better be careful about making things up about people (putting words in their mouth) or else she could get into trouble by defamation of character.
    It’s in writing where she lied and made up stuff that she said I claimed to say and then proceeded to make fun of how I talk or respond.
    She also acts like a person has to be a complete vegetable in order to receive disability benefits.

  3. Jai says:

    Don’t know if I’m approved yet. She listened to me and my lawyer, she asked questions and understood everything clearly.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The comment sections doesn’t allow me to tell the true story. She doesn’t consider all the evidence. It’s as if the decision was already made before even being questioned. Countless months of waiting for nothing. Being paralyzed and pissing yourself doesn’t qualify for SSD. The denial states my age is too young. Didn’t know there was an age limit on when a motor vehicle accident can or will happen. She is very unfair.

  5. Klm says:

    I has my hearing in the beginning of July, 2014. I have not heard anything back yet. I called and was told that my file is still in her office, Im hoping that this is good news

  6. Anonymous says:

    Severe but not severe enough. She takes the advice of doctors that haven’t even seen you so be prepared. She didn’t even list the consulting doctor they sent me to as credible. I personally can’t see how her approval rate is that high, must have been a bad morning for her. I am sure the four doctors that I have seen would love to see her not credible ruling. She must have flipped a coin. Don’t be lured into a false sense of hope when she smiles back at you.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don’t let the approval rate fool you. She will call you in and ask you to amend the onset significantly. Bittersweet outcome.

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