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  1. Sue Kester says:

    Hello, This Susan Kester from way back in your attorney days. my the years are flying by..Some thi9ngs do stay the same though and that is your honesty and fairness on the law. Tom, i have a very dear friend and is one of my sponsee who cant seem to get approved for ssda this is her second time and I am wondering if she should try ssa since she has not worked for over 10 yrs. now. Her name is Anna Dillon and her Attorney is Scott Kolligan. I was hoping you could maybe give some advice ,she is such a sweetheart as is struggling’ using a wheelchair most days but no mental issues. We need direction… you can text me at 234 863 0505 I never use my email thanks and God bless. Sue Kester

  2. Anonymous says:

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