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  1. Anonymous says:

    Only approves 6% of cases. Wow! You better be disabled and have super good medical evidence.

  2. Joshua De Leon says:

    I know this is just a comment place but from the comments, I can guess Judge Norman is pretty good at his job. I’m not looking for sympathy just a fair chance for my mom. Would anyone by chance have his e-mail because I really would like to speak to him. I don’t know how these things work but I would appreciate any help as soon as possible! I don’t want my mom to suffer any longer nor do I want to lose her. She has been denied 4 times and hasn’t worked for about 5 years.

  3. L. Sullivan says:

    I must say I was pleasantly surprised. Of course I was nervous, but was put at ease upon meeting Judge Norman. His staff was also very pleasant, which helped me feel more confident to speak once the hearing began. I have a somewhat unusual situation that brought me to an ALJ hearing, but Judge Norman understood my challenges more than I expected. My advice is to be sure you are prepared prior to your hearing and whenever you speak to any Social Security personnel, be sure to take detailed notes or record the conversation. Keep your documents organized, so they are readily available and up-to-date. This way you have solid evidence of what transpired. I did not feel I needed a representative, so I did my own forms and letters. I hope I did well enough to receive a favorable outcome. Either way, Judge Norman is a cool guy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I found Judge Norman to be extremely fair and compassionate. I did not have any problems with him at my hearing. He was also very polite and friendly when he addressed me. I did not have a lawyer, I don’t know if that affected how he perceived me. But I was very impressed with him. My claim was approved at the ALJ hearing level.

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