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  1. Donna Bejarano says:

    This judge had old doctors on the panel that knew nothing about my condition, and never even heard of some of the treatments I was receiving. All throughout my 11 page denial letter, I was described as “not credible”. Now 8 years later, I am thinking I need to sue this jerk. Not credible? I now have a diagnosis and you were wrong, judge.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If the record is not complete by the time of the hearing (i.e. you are still waiting for records to come in) you may consider requesting a postponement with this particular ALJ. His approval rating is high and he is a good judge. Just know your file and your theory of the case before going in! (especially specific grid number or listing)

  3. Anonymous says:

    Although arrogant and rude, he actually is right most often. It is more difficult to qualify for disability when you are under 50. That is the law, not just the judge’s opinion!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Judge Gaye is arrogant and rude, mainly to attorneys. He doesn’t really want the attorneys involvement. He is smart. He does review the file. You better be prepared to step up and involve yourself in the hearing or it will be over and you will not have gotten across certain points or questions you needed to make. You need to make sure you make a record because he will make some mistakes, partly because he is dismissive in his attitude. I agree that younger people(under 50) are in trouble in front of him, especially those in 20’s, 30’s.

  5. joe says:

    This judge really had me thinking he was going to approve me. He even seemed to show empathy towards my medical conditions. However, when I received his denial letter I saw how feign he is. He told me several times that I was too young. His reasoning for me to be denied was based on the fact that I’m trying to go to school and cling on to hope for my future. I have both severe spinal and neurological problems coupled with depression. This judge was undoubtedly biased towards my age and told me social security was not a scholarship program. He put me down for getting descent grades thanks to the help from the disability resource center at school and could care less that I have worked for over 11 years. Unfortunately I am still disabled and unable to work.

  6. Sam says:

    Wow! Judge likes to make an entrance. He is condescending and rude to clients, he will allow no opening or closing and no cross on VE unless you speak up. Clearly believes all younger individuals and obese people can work.

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