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  1. SPLC says:

    Pretty nice judge. Respectful to claimant and representative. Does not ask for opening or closing. But will allow if asked. Starts questioning and then allows rep to cross-examine.

  2. keith kuzniarek says:

    This Judge is fair,he is strict an to the point but after recordings he will let you speak,my lawyers screwed up an didnt get needed info to him, i on the otherhand sent him everything i had an i know it got to him cause i got a confirmation from usps.He wondered why i had a walker,well the info he needed he didnt have,so i just waiting for an yes or no on my case it sucks for the time one has to wait in pain cause of no money coming in,an how i got hurt helping others as a volunteer firefighter,but the back pain i have will last till i am dead an gone. but would be nice to pay my bills instead of being in the red all the time.But he is fair,an down to the point.an would recomend him if i could.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Any Rep out there had this ALJ? Can you provide some input, how he conducts hearing, opening statements, etc. Thanks.

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