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  1. Daniel Vinson says:

    Judge sanzi is incompetent both his cases were reprimanded of mine. The first one by federal court the 2nd time by appeals council.

  2. Robert says:

    This judge denied that I had stenosis. I have medical records that prove that I do have it. Completely ignored that I have 3 herniated discs in my neck along with stenosis, as well as stenosis of my spine. Facts were completely ignored. According to him I can be retrained to enter the workforce despite my age being 62 and I wear a back brace and walk with a cane. I am sure a prospective employer would really take me seriously. Sure. Absolutely disgraceful.

  3. Anonymous says:

    He doesn’t approve cases that are very strong. I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of cases and the case I had before him was very obvious and well deserving. Client had been in a diabetic coma and was sent to a nursing home afterwards and received home health aide services. But the ALJ argued he could do very physically hard work still! It just doesnt make sense and seems it will be an appeal. If only we had a different ALJ my client would of been approved. I’m sorry but there’s no way only 17% of the cases he sees deserve benefits and the other 83% don’t. It’s pretty ridiculous! Also there’s other ways to get approved for SSDI/SSI than meeting the listing, he doesn’t seem to really accept that! Like having a combination of multiple impairments that equal listing level or not being able to do sedentary work. Another, fair ALJ would of approved my client on either one of those factors.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I think it’s wonderful that Judge Sanzi and his staff care enough about the comments to write their own and post them. Thought the one from the lawyer who thinks it was cool to deny his client was a little far-fetched (and poorly written), but kudos to the staff for imagining this is how we might feel about out clients.

    Again, a 16% approval rate (two standard deviations below the average) speaks volumes to his approach and “fairness.”

  5. Anonymous says:

    He comes off sort of eccentric and rather unprofessional for a Judge. It doesn’t seem like he is paying attention to your testimony at all. Also I dont get the impression he read my medical records either. I think he just wants to deny people and doesn’t care about much otherwise. Also if you have him for a video hearing he leaves the screen multiple times, it’s really strange.

  6. Michael morgan says:

    I wonder how long it takes to get a decision back because I’ve been waiting for over a month and haven’t got a letter or anything back can anybody give me a ballpark and how long it takes thank you .
    because I just told the judge I really didn’t care about the disability check with a bag but check all I really needed was insurance because my health is in bad shape.

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