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  1. Donna Stephens says:

    I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, Diabetes, severe sleep apnea, spinal stenosis. I can not stand for any length of time and definitely can not walk anywhere. I can barely get up off the toilet or out of a chair. On top of all that I have cancer and have been going through chemo. I have been running a fever and can not even stand because I am so weak. I have a hearing on Monday and there is no way physically or mentally I am able to attend. My white blood cell count is rock bottom and I am not supposed to be around people due to high risk of illness. I have been trying to get approved for disability for almost 3 years. My lawyers office has been trying to get the judge to make a decision before my hearing which is now Monday. I feel this is very unjust and uncaring . I also have social anxiety and don’t do well around other people. I am begging you please help me and approve my disability.

  2. Rita Delaney says:

    I was in front of judge Thomas Ray on November 4, 2016. I was so nervous, but when he came out and spoke to everyone, he made me feel comfortable. He asked me some questions, about my illnesse and made me feel like he cared. Before I went to the hearing, I had read all kind of horror stories about the judges. I don’t know about anyother judge, but judge Ray is fair he listens to you, he is very respectful to you. So if you get judge Thomas Ray make sure you have all your medical documents in order and you will be fine. Thank you judge Ray for making me feel that I mattered.

  3. Robert says:

    The judge seemed incredibly fair, let me talk about my disability, pretty much ignored the ridiculous disability consultant. He asked some questions, and basically said “you are clearly disabled, I just wish I had a little more documentation from your psychiatrist”. He had detailed records of monthly visits over ten years, wanted another letter that said I wasn’t getting better to match one in my file. He gave me 15 days to get it, and he had it in 24 hours. Then he denied me. Denial had nothing to do with hearing. My lawyer was dismayed. Said he had never had a hearing go better. Couldn’t figure out denial. Must be a game to guys like Ray.

  4. Anonymous says:

    By far, the fairest and most impartial judge I have had the pleasure of meeting. He has the fastest turn around with getting decisions back to claimants. And he is exceptionally thorough before, during, and after the hearing. Even though he’s heard thousands of cases, he treats each person like an individual and makes them feel heard.

  5. Lee Manley says:

    Judge Ray was respectful,he took his time and listen to my case,I was a little uneasy because of my long drive to get to court, but after listening to judge Ray for a few minutes he made me feel at ease, that do not usually happen because my illness. Dont know how he will decide my case yet, but thanks for listening to me.

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