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  1. Jd says:

    Everyone has a right to work, and others should not deprive people working or trying to control every aspect of their lives. Everyone is entitled to an opinion even if you disagree. Employers shouldn’t throw rocks at fmr employees windshield. They shouldn’t do illegitimate things with help from people with power. You may have power to do these things, but that doesn’t make it good or right.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge Merrill,In order for people to work they have to be allowed to work. A major credit card company viciously forced out in May 2012 in Plantation, Fl. Within 3mnths of this they had a rock thrown at her windshield, a gold necklace ripped off her neck, a neighbor started stalking her. Coincidence?
    She called the Police but the Ofcr started screaming at her. Herex boss husband is in the Police. Police cars started following her. They blacklisted her and for the first time in her life she had 6 jobs in 6 yrs. They forced her out of her home and the Usa. Judge Merrill you recently denied her case. She gave a lot of documentation about her disorder. She was hospitalized in her youth and observed in a psych ward. I guess some people in places of authority & power can do anything to others with no power. I thought America was better than this. So much corruption among law enforcement.

  3. Randy says:

    Just reviewed a recent case. Merrrill did not review the case facts and ignored the docs and ot diagnosis. He changed the information to suit his whims. He needs to retire or be fired. He deserves no rating. I have been in the medical field for 40 years.

  4. Rachel says:

    Judge Merrill does not pay attention to small details, such as the way a previous was employed is spelled, so of course he can’t find information on a place he cannot spell correctly.
    Moreover, I was claiming PTSD, Bipolar 2, as well as IBS-D, he denied me and gave me an unfavorable decision based on “Depression and ADHD” which is not in ANY of my medical history nor a diagnose I have. So basically, he denied me on a diagnosis he made up with as a lie. He also stated since I can take care of my children, I am therefore not disabled. I get a lot of help in taking care of my children.
    He needs to be disbarred, he is nothing but an ableist and shouldn’t be a judge.

  5. Anonymous says:

    He needs to get off the bench. My case was remanded back to him 2 times. Totally screwing with my life. He needs to be removed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    He needs to get off the bench. My case was remanded back to him 2 times. Totally screwing with my life. He needs to be removed.

  7. L.A.G. says:

    You have no empathy, no concern for the person, just twists everything in the hearing to be denied. Needless to say I was not impressed with this Judge nor his “Ortho MD expert.” Wouldn’t you know when they were spinning the dial, the dial ended up picking this Judge after waiting over a year for a hearing. I was warned before walking in I would more than likely be denied and will need to appeal. Judge Merrill of course didn’t disappoint me. I felt he was rude, and referred to my late husband as if he was still living. To me, that mistake should of given me a favorable outcome. If you don’t have to wait another year for a hearing, I’d find a way to cancel and reschedule your hearing if you find out you have this judge. I wish my lawyer had suggested that!! Now we appeal and still wait another year and half for another answer. I can’t even give this judge ONE star.

  8. Dee Pressed says:

    His record speaks for itself. He denies almost everyone – well above the standard percentage that is routinely denied. He does not thoroughly read the provided documentation, picks, chooses and twists data he does read and disregards the testimony of the claimant. Most attorneys in the area have filed complaints against him so if you are facing him in court, be prepared for an appeal.

  9. Steve Presley says:

    Judge Merrill discriminates against people who have Neuropathy and he has NO idea of what Neuropathy is nor how painful it is to live with nor does he care how difficult it is to live with!!! Even with all of the evidence presented there before him and still having my drivers license permanently revoked because I have Neuropathy and still he decides to give me an unfavorable decision based on an “expert” from the career center instead of three medical doctors diagnosis and recommendations!!! I plan to appeal his decision and get a new trial with a new judge!!!

  10. Lisa Chasan says:

    Judge Merrill discriminates against the mentally ill and has no real understanding of the realities that face them. He does not have the skills necessary to make judgements for or against the mentally ill and I feel should not be in this type of job. A skilled group of people, such as psychologists and psychiatrists, should be the ones to determine eligibility.

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