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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t deserve one star and for the one who thinks he will do the right thing get a gd lawyer and be prepared to fight all my medical evidence was there and now my lawyer is hopeful cause he will no longer be my judge.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He needs to retire he has denied me 4 times my lawyers wouldn’t have stayed with me for 5yrs if they didn’t believe in my case Anderson and lamb all they do is disability. I have sufficient medical advice yet he calls in Dr’s from different states who have never seen me or evaluated me or has talked to me. He just gave me an unfavorable decision and made up mad lies. My home nurse is gonna help me write a letter to my lawyer with my disagreements. He’s gotta go doesn’t deserve no stars ty.

  3. michelle lucas says:

    I dont even want to give him one star he made so many things up and lies about my case. I would like him to live in my shoes for one day. Ive never smoked ive lost weight but ive been beaten raped in foster care have fibromyalgia and alot of other medically diagnosed problems. He claims its a lie. Bullshit he neefs to retire.

  4. Sick of Merrill says:

    I love how the jerk will make every single sentence absolutely perfect so that good, hardworking people that are sick, don’t stand a chance at their appeals level, and end up suicidal, and almost dead before they receive the money they’ve worked for their entire lives. He is a scum bag. I have no respect for people like him, and I pray karma comes for him one day. I can’t say what I really feel, but I bet you can guess. He’s ruined my health, my mental health, my marriage, and my life. I hate him. All because I have illnesses you cannot see. I hope the karma bus hits him, and reverses back over him. He treats people like dirt. He shouldn’t be a judge. He belongs in hell driving the shuttle bus.

  5. Fed up says:

    Obviously this man has no heart. He cherry picks evidence, twist your words, doesn’t let you defend yourself because he puts these nasty things down after hes already made his decision so that you can’t defend yourself. I pray for him. I pray he never knows the pain of an invisible illness, or chronic pain. That he never has to rely on food banks, and shelters, after busting your a$$ off all of your life, getting sick, or hurt, then getting rejected by your own Government that promised to help you in your time of need with the money you worked for, but no, they cheat you out of it with lies, and twist things around to make you look bad. He knew exactly how to make me look like a wretched, lazy person, when all I did was get hurt, and sick. I guess I’m useless now, and they make sure you stay that way because of cruel judges like Merrill. Maybe Karma will someday make a comeback for him. Karma has no deadline. I hear she can be a b*tch, a bigger b*tch than I am! Sometimes just being a decent human being can make a huge difference in a disabled person’s life. He should try it once, he may actually like himself. Thomas Merrill, denying good people that are truly disabled, but may not have that one certain t crossed, or that tiny i dotted on that very straight line of yours, but it doesn’t mean we aren’t sick, and could use our money to help us live the best life we can at this point. Stop being so cruel, at least you have a life.

  6. Matt says:

    Merrill is truly a scumbag lawyers will not except my case because in there words he would deny a dyeing cancer patient. Hopefully he dies of a massive brain aneurysm or heart attack

  7. Kim says:

    He seemed like an ok guy to me. No hold barred, right to the point, kind of man. I believe he is looking out for the best interest of his Country. We’re all sick of people trying to get disability that doesn’t deserve it, while the ones like us that do, can truly stand a chance. I haven’t heard about my case, my hearing was in mid May, but I believe he will do the right thing. All the evidence is there, I loved to work, and would be working if I could. I hate staying home. I hate being in pain. I miss my old life, but that’s gone, and now it’s time to realize that I just can’t be a productive citizen any longer. This 50 year old body has had enough. The factory work just did me in. Then other things happened, and turned my life upside down. He knows who is stretching the truth, and who isn’t. I didn’t mind Mr. Merrill one bit, and it was over the phone!!!! Now all that’s left to do is pray.

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