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  1. Stephanie Sihpol says:

    I just wanted to say Judge Inman’s rule was not a just one. While he acknowledged my illnesses, he did not acknowledge all of them. In addition to SLE which has many manifestations, I have Fibromyalgia, arthritis, no cartilage in my knees, disc disease in my back and cervical dystonia (this being the one he ignored), he actually showed great confusion I regard to his understanding of my headaches. I did not claim they were from migraines, they were due to the dystonia, yet he mentioned several times how my migraines were much better in response to treatment. Migraines were not a major issue on my end and my lawyer never used them as part of our argument, they were simply listed as one of my ailments that I live with. It appears the judge went through my records for the sole purpose of evidence of hypochondria. One if his examples was a doctor visit I had in November of 2013, I thought I was having a Lupus flare, he notes that my doctor didn’t think so and if it was then it was a mild one.

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