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  1. Jorge says:

    Anderson did seem fair, although he asked no questions, I think it’s a good thing. Good feeling I’ll be approved. My life depends on it so I’ll know soon .

  2. VT says:

    I had my hearing with Judge Thurman Anderson, and I got the feeling that he would be fair. I didn’t know for sure, but I had a feeling. I received a fully favorable decision, and I took the time to read every word. I wasn’t just concerned about getting my benefits…I wanted to know how he came to his decision, because I have been suffering for such a long time. He was very thorough and I believe he could tell just how much I’ve been through. I feel so blessed that I had an ALJ who was willing to review all of the evidence, and make a decision based on that evidence. Thank God for Judge Anderson.

  3. Representative says:

    Had my first ever ODAR hearing with Judge Anderson. I don’t know the outcome but I felt that the claimant was treated fairly and received a thorough hearing.

  4. PG says:

    Judge Andersan is an extremely fair ALJ and has a character beyond reproach. God bless America.

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