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  1. Anonymous says:

    I went before this judge a few weeks ago, waiting on her decision! I think she listened and didn’t badger me or try and make me feel guilty for applying, she told me that it was her decision and she didn’t have to go by social security decisions, which made me feel better. I just hope that I proved my son’s case to her without a doubt, that’s all I can hope for.

  2. Scott Selby says:

    I am waiting. I am scared. I cannot keep borrowing money to keep the utilities on. In February, I had emergency surgery to replace my shunt. I was in hospital/rehab over a week. In March, about the time I was getting able to feed and dress myself, I collapsed in the shower. My shunt settings had to be adjusted. Luckily I only spent about 2 days in the hospital this time. I have been doing Physical and Occupational Therapy ever since. My wife has had to take time off of work to help take care of me: days, weeks, or months at a time. I can only hope that my case gets sent back here and that Judge Nguyen gives me a favorable decision this time. Otherwise, I don’t know what to do. Who would hire me in my present condition?

    Again, even though it indicates below that your name is “optional”, it is NOT

  3. Scott Selby says:

    Got my official denial in January. My attorney has sent the paperwork on to the next level. I just got out of the hospital after brain surgery. But, anything new may not be admissible. So, even though I can’t see straight, can’t drive, and am not supposed to walk without supervision, I will probably be told I can go back to work; even though I haven’t worked in over 10 years and have basically been stuck in my recliner or bed.

    Oh, this site says your name is optional, but it won’t post unless you include it.

  4. Kevin D Hendrix says:

    she seemed nice enough, but my attorney has been preparing me to lose ever since we knew before christmas that we drew her. With my arthritis and deafness and tinnitus, between the judge and the vocational expert, they have managed to come with work i can do!

    My Cancer is out of remission(just found out 2 weeks ago) but not long enough to merit disability since it’s only the third time, and unless your are terminal, you can work with cancer and even if its terminal, you can still work up until a certain point….right?

    I’ve been living with family and friends since i lost my apartment back in sept of 2018 and since i’ve been back in Cincinnati on Jan 11th, i’ve been homeless, and have been spending the last of my money i get from a 30% military disability pension on a cheap motel for myself and my 2 emotional support dogs!

    i’ve not worked in 2 years, and i can’t work enough to support myself with my severe hearing loss and not being able to bend and lift. My platelets are so bad in my blood that a slap on my arm breaks the skin and makes me bleed, but that is just a matter of stoping what your doing and put a band aid on.

    I have 2 sets or hearing aids from the VA and there of no use to me because they can’t fix the ringing in my ears!

    I been seen by psychologist and told i have some disorders that will keep me for seeking gainful employment , but my attorney could not argue that point as he said this judge just wouldn’t hear it!

    I won’t get my official turndown for a few months and there is no appeal as my attorney told me

    “we are the public defenders of SSDI” and with this judge, you only get one shot. As long as the economy is good, between her and the vocational expert, there is no such thing as ssdi , basically if you have no arms and no legs, and are in a wheel chair, they can find you something like an opening at great american ballpark this summer, where you can flop out of your wheel chair and lay on the base path and be one of the bases!

  5. David Francy says:

    very thoughtful seemed to really listen. I am very nervous and hope to hear some good news before christmas.

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