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  1. Patricia Hazell says:

    I would like to get in touch with Tierney Carlos, not for anything to do with a disability claim, but for a referral. I’ve heard great things about him, and would respect and appreciate a referral for my military son

  2. Aunt Dee says:

    I have been thru a lot with Social Security Disability. My meeting with the Judge was nice. His only problem that we all had was to listen to the vocational person that sounded like she had no idea of what was said. I do hope that I win my case. If not I can become homeless and to live on the streets of Baltimore City

  3. Bubbly says:

    Judge Carlos seems to be very caring and attentive. I have not receive a decision in my case as of this day,although I am sure his decision Will be based on the evidence given. He appeared to be fair and knowledgeable.

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