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  1. Ed M says:

    Hearing was last week, been waiting 2 years on appeal, so I’ve read these reviews for quite some time. Judge Scallen seemed very friendly/ fair not intimidating at all. Whole hearing took less than 30 mins and I have multiple issues keeping me from working. Being crushed on the job by a 2000lb rack in 07. The reviews that say hes racist are not founded as I’m of color an did not feel in the least that he would base his decisions off of color, Now if you came in unprepared w/o medical records to back up all your claims I could he tell he’s seen and heard all the stories before.

  2. Ms Carr says:

    This judge is ****** and like all the other white judges not very helpful denies more then he approves especially towards black people doesn’t matter if you have evidence him and his white colleagues will get together making up reasons and lies on why you were denied .

  3. Berneathea Robinson says:

    Thank you for hearing my case

  4. Carrie Cleminson says:

    Judge Scallen heard my husband’s case yesterday, 3/19/13. He seemed like a very kind man to me, very understanding, patient and fair. We have not yet received our decision, but I believe Judge Scallen knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that my husband is disabled. He made the hearing a lot less scary than we’d anticipated, anyone would be lucky to get Judge Scallen as their ALJ.

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