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  1. Darlene says:

    This judge is fair, he reviews your case, he follows the rules and looks at your medical records and listens to medical professional’s! If he is demeaning its because you exaggerated or did not meet the requirements! You lie or exaggerate forget winning! You have to have consistency and medical proof! These judges see it all and if you can possibly work , they will not approve you! This man is cordial ,no nonsense and fair! I don’t believe that you get denied if you have the proof and are sincere! I did not have to say a word or try to convince this judge “Honorable Kellar” he looked at the evidence and took into consideration the medical and three minutes in our and approved! Not demeaning at all! I saw compassion!

  2. Anonymous says:

    I went before the Honorable Judge Timothy Keller months ago and found him to be a no non sense judge * The first time I went before him the person that handled my case was not prepared with my medical file * Judge Keller asked me a few questions * I answered the Questions * But without my medical file how could anyone expect for him to render a decision ? I thanked him for extending my case until such time that my legal counsel was prepared * I was not being sarcastic but genuine because that is the way court business should be handled *No matter if I liked it or not * After getting another legal representative with the same law firm; I was able to go Before the Honorable Judge Keller again* He assessed my medical information * He asked me more questions questions about my abilities to work * He determined that I would not get SSDI benefits for the years that I claimed but he would accept a certain amount of time after he reviewed my work potential with the vocational administrator* I really respect Judge Keller and the way he conducts business* How can anyone place blame on him when his job is to look at all the medical facts, cross examine you , gather detailed information from the vocational administrator assigned to your case and your attorneys statements* People please understand that he has guidelines that he has to follow concerning the definition of disability* It is not Judge Keller making the decision but the medical facts that he has been given by you,the doctor , the attorney and the vocational administrator * If it doesn’t fit what is he supposed to do? * No one can ask a person to lie just to benefit them* Plus I know for a fact that if all the facts aren’t in he will order a continuance * I have been writing this down for a while now because I feel it is the right thing to do* Thank you Judge Keller for the work you do day in and day out for years *

  3. Anonymous says:

    I went in front of this judge 4 times. He was demeaning, made me feel like I was a liar, tried to “break” me and get me to say things that were not true. He had no empathy with my health issues and said I “made” the doctor write a letter for my benefit. I came out of there feeling like I was no more then the dirt under his feet. I am ill just having to go in front of him. I understand there are people that try to “scam” the system but when you are ill and have various doctors documenting your illness – why are you forced to deal with a person like this. Is there no one in the City of Columbus that can see what this man is doing to people. We have worked many years and paid into the system – why isn’t it working for us when we need it.

  4. Vicki Fox says:

  5. Gail R Shields says:

    Well I got denied again on my appeal but this time it was a little different!. They Social Security Appeals didnt even have enough respect to send me or my lawyer a notice! You only have so long to appeal your appeal! Was they trying to not give me time? I only state this because I think the whole process is a scam.From the time I received my SS card and started working at 16 I was lead to believe it was a special number only for me and my funds that I was mandated by law to pay into for my old age or dissability or etc…..This judge acts like I quit my 600.00 a week job I had in a aluminum smelter in the potlines on purpose. WELL NO I DIDNT QUIT MY BODY QUIT! Wo wants to give up making a living to go on state aid and receive 115.00 measly money a month! 35.00 a week for food! And live everyday in constant pain! Only to diefrom all the pain medication that rots your body out before they get whatever they contributed to the so called SYSTEM! Thats supposed to be for them to begin with! This whole thing has left me a psychological mess and now I suffer from extreme depression Rage and Social Anxiety!on top of it all! My neighbor received his without even going to court and he can mow his grass? My son knows a man who got approved because he is a alcoholic? Well good for him I wish I could run my sweeper or sit on a bench to watch my granddaughter play ball even do dishes. Judges that are so discriminating should be removed from cases the should not be allowed to keep on ruling time after time on same case he is definetly bias and predjudice. How can the state not see he needs to be removed as a dissability judge he takes to much joy in decling hurt people.Ive requested new judge with no avail.This appeal is my last one, I was told case even federal court will be mandated back to him again! Please pray for me. It will not be a good outcome but Im not afraid to tell the truth He might deny again and prob will but Im not afraid to tell Everyone How he treats people in his court! Not even the Governor, President.

  6. Anonymous says:

    My case is in black in white that I was evaluated sedetary at best. Done by a independant work force evaluation company in cincinnatti. I was still denied! I cannot work and now medicaid food and cash assistance cut off becausemy appeal was denied by him again. Now it goes to federal court but guess what? It goes
    in front of him again! Is he not getting the information? I felt so intimidated in front of the court with him and the state dr. I was scared and had to do all the talking my lawyer never opened his mouth! Im 53 worked all my life. Thinking he either hates women or cant read the facts presented to him. eiher way he is going to deny. My question is do thejudges get a kickback if they deny so many a year? Im to the point now I dnt trust anybody!

  7. Attorney says:

    This Judge is a total ***. He is unprofessional and callous at best. He sets out to intimidate witnesses and attorneys alike and ultimately decides what he wants apart from the record. Should not be on the bench.

  8. anonymous says:

    The judge abuses his position of authority. By trying to create a non-existant condition of drug abuse. Thw w While ignoring documented conditions of cancer, COPD, atherosclerosis, cholelithisasis, anxiety and depression. This man has no heart and does not belong in this position! I feel his demeanor was unprofessional and had an adgenda of his w own.

  9. Christina Sloan says:

    This man doesn’t need to be a Judge. He made my husbands depression and his anxiety even worse. Now I can’t even get him to leave the house. When my husband came out of the court room he told me that he is a failure at everything he does. Thanks Judge, you really know how to win a case. Just one more to add to your growing denial percentage.

  10. Anonymous says:

    why is he even on the bench..people who need help ,,needs help

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