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  1. Karen says:

    My husband is legally blind determined by the VA administration and has a permanent tens unit in his back and multiple health issues and went before him today and the vocational guy said he could do assembly sort or pick packing and no matter what my husband said he didn’t seem to believe him nor his medical records or what the doctors recommended just waiting for his denial and forced back to work after 25 years of being disabled

  2. Darlene says:

    This judge is fair, he reviews your case, he follows the rules and looks at your medical records and listens to medical professional’s! If he is demeaning its because you exaggerated or did not meet the requirements! You lie or exaggerate forget winning! You have to have consistency and medical proof! These judges see it all and if you can possibly work , they will not approve you! This man is cordial ,no nonsense and fair! I don’t believe that you get denied if you have the proof and are sincere! I did not have to say a word or try to convince this judge “Honorable Kellar” he looked at the evidence and took into consideration the medical and three minutes in our and approved! Not demeaning at all! I saw compassion!

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