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  1. Las says:

    During my hearing, I was advised of three positions that i could possibly do. Two of them were denied. Then the third position as well was denied. When I received my denial letter. The third position that was denied was changed to something that was never even discussed at my hearing. Therefore, I believe my hearing should be re-evaluated by someone else. How can this judge just change whatever, to whatever he wants it to say?

  2. Anonymous says:

    facts are facts. approval rating of 24%. his personal attitude is controlling. not law– just his political beliefs. another reason to do away with this section of the agency. draw one alj and you win draw another and you loses.

  3. Thy will be done says:

    If anyone is reading this message board, my advice to you is to ‘Hire and Attorney….DO NOT….go with a disability advocate!

    I’ve gone in front of the ALJ and was denied……yeah I had one of those disability advocates representing me.

    Then I got smart and hired an actual Kansas Attorney! I FINALLY won my disability case.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I had this judge at my ALJ hearing. I believe he was compassionate and fair. I was nervous and know I made a few mistakes but he was kind. Received my fully favorable decision exactly 2 weeks after hearing. Thank you

  5. Ivan Cain says:

    To ad to my earlier comment, his decision was based also that I can prepare meals. FYI- I don’t prepare meals. I only make a sandwich, or put something in the microwave. I don’t know how to cook. A disabled person should’nt be able to make a sandwich? Get real!! These facts that were used are unexceptable. In my opinion, he was finding reasons that are unexceptable to deny my claim. Is this all you could come up with for reasons to deny someone? If so, it’s really sad that we put our lifestyles in the hands of people like this. In my opinion, he should contact me, overturn his decision and make it right. Will he? A REAL ALJ would.

  6. Ivan Cain says:

    I recently had Timothy G. Stueve as my ALJ. I was denied because he based his denial off of untrue facts. I had solid evidence that i’m disabled and he made several mistakes in his decision. He based his decision off of facts for example, “I able to make my own decisions”, “I’m able to drive” and “I get along with my girlfriend and co-workers”. First of all, a physically and mentally disabled person that suffers from serious disabilities are able to drive, make some decisions,and get along with a few people.And my question is, how does he know how I get along with my girlfriend? And get along with co-workers? The problem with this is I haven’t worked since February 07. The occupational person that set in on the hearing could only come up with 3 jobs I could possibly do. And with common since my disabilities would keep from doing these jobs. The facts he used were false and now I have to appeal his decision and wait a year or better for the results. I haven’t been able to work for 5 1/2 years now because of my injuries. And now because of Timothys denial, I have to wait another year? I have not had a income since June 09. Very sad we have ALJ’s that make bad decisions.

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