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  1. Sheryl L Longendyke says:

    Very pleasant judge. Did not talk down to me and listened like he actually cared. Went to court in January 2018 it’s may and still waiting on decion letter

  2. Anonymous says:

    Most pleasant judge that I have appeared before. He was very friendly and patient. I truly appreciate his courtesy. Made everyone feel at ease. Asked reasonable questions. Did not put anyone on the spot. Did not rush us. Thanks, Judge Gates!

  3. L oglesbee says:

    Judge gates was very pleasant during my hearig.. When ive been able to see a doctor they always ask if I every considered suicide. I would say no. But since receiving word today that JUDGEe gates denied my claim im at that point. My home is in jeopardy. Im sICK and need to see a doctor but donT have insurance. I had to file bankruptcy and i have very little food. Yes maybe if I end it my family can at least collect from my insurance and maybe be able to keep a roof ever their heads.
    I Dent T HAVE THE ANSWERS AND THIS WAS MY LAST CHANCE! I guess he had to do what he had to do.

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