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  1. Dave says:

    This is a classic example of giving authority to ignorant individuals that now feels he is above all! This is a cocky mouthy arrogant ass that feels he can destroy and do what he wants because he was given the seat of a judge! I am not 20 30 or 40 years old looking for a free ride but have worked approx. 50 years! In that time of doing physical labor I have unfortunately wore or shoulder sockets, got rheumatoid arthritis, carpal tunnel, numbness and weakness in arms and hands, muscle spasms in arms, back, legs etc., heart attack and a stent, restless leg syndrome etc.! NONE of these can heal themselves, NONE of these can reverse themselves! Me like most working Americans assumed that if or when the time came when or if our bodies broke down or time to retire that we would be treated FAIRLY and not hung out! We were all to busy working and thought there was a honest system! Instead of getting a honest hearing and evaluation, I end up putting the future of myself and my family in front of a piece of sewage who because he passed a test or whatever needed to be done on paper has no common sense and more of a communist manner! I have heard of the bad judges there is for certain courts and here is the sewage for SSD courts! How many families got destroyed from this trash? If there wasn’t a bunch then why would he be trying to destroy me?!??Who many Judges are in the system like this!? He needs to be removed or impeached IMMEDIATELY! If there all like this I think we have another SWAMP TO DRAIN AS AMERICANS! I will be alert for any dumb response or action!

  2. Hurt says:

    Dismissive, rude to both me and my lawyer; clearly had made up his mind prior to reading any evidence. Barked at me during questioning, shut me down and refused to listen to or even believe evidence by medical experts. How is one with major anxiety/depression supposed to respond to this level of rudeness? I was too terrified to even speak after he started barking. All he cared about was getting a “job expert” on the phone to lie about my alleged “prospects” before giving us the bums rush out of his courtroom. My attorney commented upon leaving his exalted presence that he is usually that rude and not to take it personally but how can one not, when this “judge” cares so little for the people appearing before him that he does not even bother to try to be polite. He hasn’t a care in the world – his job, pension and everything are all secure, so that all he has to do now is protect his little fiefdom while destroying the lives of those he abuses in his courtroom.

  3. Gary Scott Pittman says:

    I believe my hearing went good. Timothy Mc Guan was very professional and made my hearing a lot more comfortable for me than i feel with any other people of authority considering my major anxiety and depression and disorders. although i have not got a decision yet i believe he will make a fair one either way it goes.

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