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  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s just been reported Judge (T. Maher) committed suicide in a South Miami Dade residence while holding hostages.

    Pray for family and survivors. Blessings!

  2. Michelle Frederick chapman says:

    Judge Mayer was very compassionate when I entered his court room,he was very professional, and patient. I didn’t get my letter yet, but it doesn’t stop the fact that he is carefully interested in your heath.

  3. Solus McCrin says:

    I am dedicated the rest of my life to pray for justice. I have worked all my life at times three jobs. There is an impartial Judge.

  4. G Martin says:

    Judge Maher was a compassionate person and went thru the process of how claims are determined. He offered me the opportunity to seek counsel before comtinuing, which I declined. He is a very fair Judge and I feel fortunate to have such an understanding hearing officer

  5. Anonymous says:

    This judge should know the pain of a disability before he makes a judgment in ones case. Clearly this judge has no knowledge of what a disability is. He needs to get his doctor from Social Security do a real exam not some farce of a report that will look good for him to deny my case. What a total farce of a judge and this disability system. This judge needs to be investigated.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Maher is an intelligent and compassionate public servant. He clearly takes his responsibilities as a judge seriously. He is fair to the plaintiff and to the tax payer in reaching his decisions. We need more judges like him.

  7. Lili M says:

    He’s tough, but I can’t say that he isn’t fair. He denies about half of my cases, but I have to admit that his decisons are well written and well-reasoned. I think he writes his own decisions. They are difficult to appeal. He cites extensively from the record and clearly spends a good deal of time looking for inconsistent representations. Don’t go into his courtroom unprepared.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Stellar judge. More judges needs to act like this guy. He takes the job seriously. He knows the record, unlike many of his colleagues, and he is fair. You didn’t get paid by this judge? too bad, get a job!

  9. S. Lainte says:

    Judge Maher is as fair a judge in Miami as you will get. Be warned – he clearly has studied the record before the hearing. You had better do the same or it could be a long day for you or your client.

    I’m not sure about the sincerity of the person who posted that Judge Maher was under “OPR investigation”, but if you look his stats, he pays about 50% of his cases. That seems pretty fair to me. If you have a problem with him, it might well be a problem you created.

  10. Anonymous says:

    This judge is under OPR investigation! Who needs him?

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