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  1. Patricia Flores says:

    I was seen by Judge Snelling on 426/2019, he was very professional and he was very attentive and he looked directly at me when asking questions so that made me fewl very comfortable. He is a fair Judge and he is very thorough. They need more judges like him in the system because i truly believe that he cares about doing what is right and fair. I just want to say thank you Judge Snelling.

  2. Gilbert Gutierrez says:

    Im looking for attorney or judge to help me get my ssi…

  3. Jordan says:

    he needs to be reviewed on his cases based on how many hispanics he denied.

  4. Kimberly Hansen says:

    I was very nervous at first, but he assured me that he just wanted to know my story…I cried a little, he was understanding, compassionate, and mase me feel much more relaxed. I do not yet know my results but I would rather go in front of Judge Snelling than any other judge.

  5. Michael says:

    very high kudos to Judge Snelling,he was professional in my ALJ hearing..my Atty was also very professional in asking me the questions..Judge wasnt harse but investigative at the trial I was really nervous and being that I am in Texas he decided to have my trial by phone..he didn’t act like he wasn’t going to make the decision that day he was fair and Honest.we went to local SSI office on 22nd of May and had person print out letter which is Favorable in Judge Snellings decision. to me which I’ve never have seen him or my Atty he had to go over all the evidence my Atty presented to him.Judge snelling in my book is fair.

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