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  1. anthony foreman says:

    I would like to say thanks to law judge Timothy Turner for a fully favorable disability case. I’m thankful for your decision, but now I have been waiting for my back pay, I understand that I get three increment payments but I have been waiting for 4 years I only get 2,500 to start and they said they would give me another amount of money in six months I can’t catch up in life with that little amount given to me , could you please give me answers. Thank you

  2. Marvin Moore says:

    Very great respectful considerate judge very down-to-earth easy going

  3. RICK SPALL says:

    It is amazing that a person who has worked for over 37 years has to beg for money in a program that we both put into for decades. It is one thing to deny her claim, but to call her a liar or a dead-beat and then use medical terminology and a book as justification is sad. Maybe this Occupational expert should perform nursing procedures in a special care unit before passing judgment. I am sure if she had to stand on her feet for 12 hours and then take care of 4 kids at home for decades this would cause more than mild pain. To tell a 61 year old woman that she can go back to school to retrain for only 700 actual jobs across the country is laughable and sad. Maybe it is time to stop anyone from getting Social Security before the age of 65. That way taxpayers would not have to pay someone to make a phone call and read a book to find out the stress level and job requirements. They can now get a real job in the private sector and not at taxpayer expense. It is amazing that you trashed my wife who has serious health problems while last year you had a 76% approval rating. This year, as of June, 2019 down to 51%. The number of young people in your waiting room was comical since they appeared normal. This is why disability claims should be financed separately from our Social Security.

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