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  1. Joe says:

    This judge doesn’t give a hoot about people with disabilities. Timothy Wing, you should be ashamed of yourself because you make me sick. You are a joke. YOU SHOULDN’T BE A JUDGE!!!!!!!

  2. John Hatfield says:

    I do not feel like this judge enforce the rules with my attorney, who did not have my evidential records and was ordered to get them within 10 days, and I have never heard anything else about it other than being turned down for my disability. We need a local judges for local people and not have these judges from up north, representing the south. so with that, I will barely give him one star.

  3. Daniel Gunn says:

    As corrupt as they come. Cheated me out of my disability case for a damaged spine from 30 years of heavy construction.

    Literally laughed at me, him and my Attorney William J Hall, from Dunmore, PA and told me ( I see you already receive benefits) since I receive survivor benefits for my son (his mother who was disabled died of colon cancer).

    Failed to consider all my injuries, violated Social Security rules and regulations, and decided he is a Medical Professional, violating my rights.

    My Attorney William J Hall stated in a letter to me that he would not be handling my appeal, and “In his 34 years of Experience” I could never win. He did this deliberately to dissuade any further attempt for me to obtain benefits by hiring a new attorney.

    Both as corrupt as the day is long, and in bed together.

  4. Mypoordaughter says:

    My daughter is unable to walk almost at all, has severe hand tremors, post injury mental impairments, and the list goes on. She struggled every day trying to keep going with faith in the SSA system. She thought they cared about the people they were suppose to serve. But, come hearing day this amateur was about as put together as an intern on their first day, yet had the attitude of a king allowing peasants to beg for his favor. He barely asked any questions about her conditions just work history and confirmed if she saw doctor X or Y. She had many problems responding and as it seemed like he had zero patience as if we were holding him up from something he rushed through questions not even letting he elaborate on anything or even allowing her to answer completely. Finally it was brought to his attention that she was trying to elaborate he told her she’d have time to speak at the end. The end came in a flurry as he talked a mile a minute then as he attempted to end the hearing an attempt to remind him she haden’t had her chance to speak he actually spoke OVER the comment and rushed out of the room. Weeks later he casts his sentencing from his throne and had the audacity to not give much weight to my daughters conditions or the specialists that treated her. Now we as a family have been trying to help my once optimistic now suicidal and depressed daughter try to survive. Not only did he sentence my daughter to Hell he completely destroyed her spirit and personality. This amateur doesn’t deserve to call himself judge or human.

  5. Jason Nowinski says:

    Being 208 days out from my hearing and 37 1/2 months from my death, I’d love to review King Timothy I. This man is a disgrace to the people who have earned the position to be called ‘Your Honor’. I personally feel he isnt qualified to be a legal secretary. Not accountable to ANYONE. I’ve called both my federal Senators and my Rep. They are powerless! Supposedly he’s the head ****** in charge. I wouldnt allow him to umpire a little league baseball game. I dont know how someone so unethical, and uncaring can sleep at night. Biggest mistake I ever ,ade in my life was to allow the corrupt *** SSA in my paycheck. Nohing but theives. He acts like he’s giving out his own money, as charity.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had a hearing back on June 20, 2017 Judge Wing was very caring and listened. I am still waiting for my decision to be assigned to a writer but know I was deemed unemployable by the occupational specialist. Not sure how much longer this will all take….I applied back in April 2015 appealed the denial in October 2015. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to be assigned to a decision writer!!! Not sure if it’s because I didn’t have an attorney to represent me or what the hold up is!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Courteous, respectful, and smooth. You will get your day in court.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I am an attorney regularly appearing in front of ALJs in Wilkes Barre. Every Judge now serving in Wilkes Barre conducts an appropriate hearing. Judge Wing stands out because his demeanor is calm and straightforward. He gives claimants a true opportunity to be heard. Although he may not approve every case, you can be assured that he will grant you a fair hearing.

  9. Mindless ALJ says:

    Eric, my condolences to you and your family. Some, if not all ALJ are so clueless. They all should examine their conscience, if they have one.

  10. Eric Reidinger says:

    Good decision on his part my daughter Melony Koppen has since died 4/7/2013 from disabling conditions that he said didn’t exist only a month ago now I am burdened with her death and bills and burial expenses so thumbs up for our government and Timothy Wing for your expert and educated decision.


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