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  1. Mark says:

    My experience with Tin Tin Chen is that she lies. I had seen the doctor they sent me twice with the same results. I was told twice by the same doctor he approved my disability. I do have mental issues, but I also had severe pain in my left leg that I couldn’t even get up to walk. She denied me the first hearing and appealed it because she lied on both occasions. She stated that Dr. Cunningham said I told him that I never use my cane and don’t take my seizure pills. She also wanted to see my prescription for the cane, and I had one and proved to her that her information was false. The next hearing took all off 2 minutes and I won because TIN TIN CHEN lied, and we are supposed to trust our judges, no way, they are criminals.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Beware if you have a mental disability. She will look for ANY reason to deny you. Like if you have agoraphobia and went to ONE football game because you never went, it was your life long beloved team, you got free amazing seats, had to have many drinks before hand and was scared as hell but wanted to try to give myself one day of happiness in a lifetime of hell, and made the mistake of telling one of my monthly changing therapists that I had a good time. She placed a lot of weight on this one day in my life when my friends were trying to make me happy, in my hometown, from which I am displaced. I get that she’s paid to try hard to deny people but beware if you have any intelligence whatsoever. Apparently you need to be psycho, drooling or suicidal to be considered mentally ill in her eyes. Glad to see mental illness awareness is alive and well in AZ. (NOT)! Can I give zero stars?????

  3. Gilbert says:

    Hi i recently had a hearing with diane tin chen. When i left the court room i was in more physical mental pain , i could not beleive what i went threw it felt like i was not able to focus with breathing issues and a migraine. I understand that the judges have a job to do . I have paid into my social security many years and i am not looking for a free ride .if i was physically and mentally able i would have not gone threw this .My experience with this day is speechless i will leave this situation in Gods hands. Jesus is in control now.written for my wife christina

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