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  1. L. Smith says:

    Judge Jacobson was very fair. I was very nervous going in because I am in my thirties. I am fairly young to be disabled. He listened to my case and was very empathetic to my disability. He asked relevant questions and seemed very knowledgeable to my condition. Overall I was very pleased with my experience with the ODAR office and Judge Jacobson. He was very fair.

  2. K Luckie says:

    I think Judge Jacobson is a very fair and knowledgeable Judge. Although he did not grant me most of my backpay, he could just as easily denied my case. He understands that people feel pain differently and I was more concerned going forward because my condition will get worse as time goes on. He also is very direct and doesn’t waste anyones time, all I can say is that if you get him as your Judge at your hearing, no matter the outcome, he is very fair and considers all evidence.

  3. SSDI Rep says:

    I’m an atty rep and I hear he is ex-military from other attys when I’ve been waiting for my cases. That will probably explain his reserved character. It intimidates some people but he’s really a top-notch guy, professional and thorough. He is very fair and in my experience if he denies a case, then it is definitely not a well-supported case. I like his style at the bench… doesn’t try to pretend to be your best friend but respects people and looks them in the eye, which I respect.

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