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  1. Varian Martin says:

    ALJ Todd S Colarruso has not made a decision on my hearing ad of yet but i must say he is a very attentive judge and he pays close attention to you as you speak so that lets me know he listens to you and i just wanna say thank you for listening.

  2. Matthew Mott says:

    He is a great judge very good listener and takes all the facts into consideration. Thank you your honor for hearing my case

  3. K Forrester says:

    He looked at my medical records & based his judgment on the opinions of the doctors I treat with, other than listening to the doctor the ssa paid. I received a fully favorable decision 6 weeks later.

  4. seg says:

    he was very sympathetic and really looked at my case. favorable decision within 3 weeks.

  5. Lee Brown says:

    This judge clearly MISSTATED the facts .lied . even when the voc tech said no jobs , why have a voc tech in there . I seen this judge within a year of filing ,then they wait 3 yrs to mail my appeal paperwork to WRONG address then he took what a ER doc said 2 years prior to filing to help him deny me . Bet he wouldn’t take a ER doc saying how I cant work as a reason to approve .Ignored my 3 other docs saying I CANT work .. Thanks alot ! is this why some ppl lie and file in another state ?

  6. Jackie Jones says:

    Brilliant mind and gentle spirit! Excellent ALJ with integrity, drive and program knowledge.

  7. Anonymous says:

    judge todd colarusso is a very fair judge he know if you are really disable thank you for being the judge for atlanta

  8. Anonymous says:

    Fair and transparent. Nothing “tricky” about him.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Previously a claimant’s attorney. Generally fair, but some of his denials are clearly contrived. He is keying on something in such cases that turns him off but I have yet to identify it.

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