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  1. Me and Todd going to Masha Blackburn office

  2. I wish Spangler knew something about life ..he knows nothing he never will. I fill sorry for him you honer your just an attorney

  3. Franklin D Rhyne says:

    Love Todd he’s my boy ❤️?❤️

  4. Jackie says:

    Todd Spangler is an ***** of the 1st degree. Doesn’t know anything about medical issues and should be fired. He does not go through all medical records as he should, he knit picks and uses what he wants to use.

  5. Melissa Ann Escobar says:

    I had my hearing with Judge Spangler 26 Jun 17, he is very professional and quite knowledgeable about your ailments. He asks very pertinent questions and is always on point, he presents a very calm demeanor which quickly puts you at ease. I was a nervous wreck and fatigued and had a tendency to go off subject a bit…he is a patient judge.

    Thank you and have a great day

  6. Ryan phipps says:

    Very respectful and knoligible judge

  7. Anonymous says:

    Based on our experience ALJ does have a tendency to come to the hearing without a strong handle on the facts of the case and rep may need to get him back on track. He will do most of the questioning and won’t usually ask for opening or closing.

  8. VTA says:

    Watch how evidence is characterized in your case he does not seem to read file prior to hearing so you will need to educate about the case AT hearing. He is friendly but that is fatal to your case if you underestimate what he knows about the file. When going to VE in GRID cases watch as he does not have sedentary evaluated he will just address medium and light work even though there are NO transferrable skills.

  9. Jose says:

    Appraetnly this is what the esteemed Willis was talkin’ ’bout.

  10. JAMES HAMILTON says:

    I had my ssa hearing at 9:00 this morning , june 12th. Judge TODD SPANGLER Preceded over my case and was on time and very professional the whole time. He touched base on every issue i had. He was very blunt and to the point but would also explain why! The Vocational expert and court recorder was also nice and professional! I admit to being real nervous when i first went in the room but Judge SPANGLER was pleasant talking and calm which made me feel the same way after the hearing started. So my experience with Judge TODD SPANGLER was a very good one! GOOD LUCK ! I HOPE YOU GET JUDGE SPANGLER ALSO !

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