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  1. Bernitra says:

    Tony Duann improperly denied my benefits I can receive it since May of 2008 per my request I wouldn’t to the Virginia Beach Virginia office and ask for a form to add on 20 my existing benefits this person denied my request along with my payments benefits that I’ve been receiving since May 2008 this was an improper judgement I am still looking for my payments from 20th April 2016 on going

  2. Anonymous says:

    This judge is very respectful and listened very patiently…..he allowed me to add more information regarding my case. I didn’t notice any negative behavior.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Too inexperienced for complex theory cases….whoosh…over him but good potential.Does not appear to be listening… Too interested in filling out his forms during testimony. He is improving but I wilt when I find he is the ALJ when there are ANY issues that are not covered by the usual boilerplate type case cites. :-/

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