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  1. Jamie says:

    She’s horrible and didn’t even use the correct ruling for interstitial cystitis. Not sure how long she has been a judge but that was a huge mistake on her part. Now on to the judicial council

  2. Anonymous says:

    Had my daughter hearing with Judge Toni Shropshire the end of September, per her statements there is no job that she can do! But got my denial letter in the mail yesterday 12/3/13… which stated that she could so a unskilled secretarial work. Which I have not seen any listed in our newspaper for her. So where is she to get a job listed as that? So her Atty. is appealing her decision. Wish she would have had a different Judge. After reading through the Judges decision… well I am not very happy with how she twisted some of the statements that my daughter put in the forms she filled out. She has Depression, Anxiety and a few other thing going on one of which is a problem of concentrating and sometimes getting out the work she is thinking of. But the Judge thinks my Daughter was I guess not truthful in her statements and the Doctors reports were not very truthful or something. Just my the way she worded some of the statements. I don’t see how on one hand you can say there is not Job someone can do, then to turn around and deny them benefits. For someone that has paid in just like everyone else. So I guess thanks to the new rules and the New President My Daughter will probably not get to draw what she has paid in…and has not become disabled! This is a person that wants to work… but can’t. She had rather make the money she was before she came off them to have no income. If I could come face to face with this judge I would tell her this. What is it going to take for the hard working AMERICANS THAT HAVE PAID IN DEARLY TO THE SYSTEM TO BE ABLE TO DRAW THE BENEFITS THEY ARE DUE WHEN IT IS NEEDED? NOT FOR SOME JUDGE TO SIT UP THERE AND BE PREDIJUSE TO US AMERICANS THAT HAVE PAID DEARLY TO THE SYSTEM… JUST SO SOME OTHER PERSON THAT HAS FRIED THEIR BRAIN ON DRUGS CAN DRAW INSTEAD OF US… HELLO AMERICA WE HAVE A PROBLEM HERE…. WE NEED TO FIX IT.

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