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  1. James says:

    Had this judge. He seemed to be a good judge until I got the decision! I had to give up working and pretty much all of my hobbies to include my favorite thing in life GOLF! Yet this judge after numerous times stating I had to give up golf and sold all of my gear at a huge loss and can’t stand for more than 15-20 minutes at a time said in his decision that because I PLAY Golf, I show full range of movement and therefore am not disabled! If I lie in court I can go to Jail for perjury but if a judge lies in his decision, I just have to deal with it?!? This is completely unjust and I have asked the appeals panel to review all transcripts and if they find I never said that I actually play golf anymore, I will be suing the heck out of this hack of a judge! Also neither this judge nor my former lawyer could get the VA to release the results of my Traumatic Brain Injury or the name of the doctor that diagnosed it. However I got it within 30 minutes at the federal building VA office?!? This was also used to state My TBI was not proven because they didn’t have the doctors report?!? I had my face crushed in 1992 and was knocked out for approximately 20-30 minutes. That is the basic definition of a TBI! This judge is completely incompetent and so is my lawyer Colbert, Cooper, Hill in OKC.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The day I went to see this Judge I was nervous but he treated me like a human and not a animal like Judge Stults. My case was supposed to go back in front of him. I wish it would have seeing that i was talked to like an animal from Stults( the devil in a robe, very evil).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Has since cut his hair, but has added more ink, it appears. Still a good judge.

  4. Lena franklin says:

    I hope you work in okc too. Oh yes I have had a stroke symptoms of mini strokes respiratory failure almost I see you the stroke gave me rheumatoid arthritis in my neck and spine fibromyalgia fifth stage of the rest of my body and degenerative disc disease – but I also have to take six breathing treatment today and several inhalers I sure hope it you don’t mind but I have text you it’s just been such a long time and I don’t want to lose anything else I’ve already lost houses cars my pride my body I really really need help thank you so much for your time

  5. Anonymous says:

    Had my hearing with this judge. At first I was very scared because of his appearance. He doesn’t look like any other judge ive seen. He has long hair a scary tattoo on his arm, and he didn’t wear a tie. but he was the kindest person I have ever met. I was having a panic attack when we came into the room, and he stopped everything and focused on me. He calmed me down and breate with me until I could go on. then, he paid my case. Thank you judge Baldwin. god sent you to me and my family.

  6. finally says:

    32 month journey,,,,Date of disability..10-04-2012 (surgery for hip replaced)
    Date of Application 10-23-2012
    Date of First Denial 4-08-2013
    request for hearing 4-17-2013 (hired lawyer)
    notice of hearing 1-16-2015 (21 months)
    Date of hearing 2-19-2015 (best judge)
    Date of approval 4-27-2015(actually saw online the 24)
    Date back pay received 5-04-2015 (paper check)
    Above is a quick account to the journey some will go through to get Disabilty. If you have sever impairments and documentation. Be patient , get a good lawyer and wait, tay and wait some more.I know its so hard

  7. Anonymous says:

    Its fair to say that you will be treated as a person and not a number, ,,,what he asked me I could tell he had read the file.Im sorry for those who deserve a fair chance to tell their story and happen to get a abusive judge, that, he is not. ,Even though it was quick ,I didn’t feel rushed. Very consise and to the point.

  8. Anonymous says:

    He was a legal services lawyer for a long time representing the poor. He is a good judge and a good person in general. He isn’t simply just another ALJ, he is the Union Representative for the ALJs in Okc. In other words, he speaks for all the ALJs in that office and represents them in disputes with the social security. He has a powerful position in the agency, but you would never know by just meeting him. He has a high approval rate because he studies every case. He also uses extensive post hearing testing to make sure each person is evaluated essentially from head to toe.

  9. eric says:


  10. eric says:

    Judge Baldwin, Is a very good Judge, real cool, Made me feel comfortable, swore me in and started asking questions about me in general and the specific questions pertaining to my case. I waited 683 days from request for hearing to this date.(22 months) My lawyer stated that the VE couldn’t come up with any jobs that I could do….so she felt as if I won. The hearing was only 30 min. long . The tone of the meeting was not adversarial or confrontational…….Strong points of my case :::::work History , 31 and a half years at one job…multi impairments , total hip replacement,,30 percent loss of vision due to mini-stroke suffered while recouping from hip surgery, High blood pressure, and Bi-Polar. I hit the “grid” square in the middle. The luck of the “draw” caused me to be assigned to Mr. Baldwin. It was a “God send”. To all the people waiting to see an ALJ. Just hold on and don’t give up. If you have medical documentation, you should be fine. Tell the truth and trust that they will see it your way. Biggest point ,,,my lawyer had been in front of this Judge and the VE also, so the fact that she had “worked” them before is HUGE. The judge also asked me about some income after my onset date, I explained to him that I used some sick leave that I had earned over the years , and He said that he would NOT hold it against me and that the onset date would be the date I had put down on my application ,,what a great day in court,,,,,, absolute brilliant….Thank you Judge Baldwin. I cant believe with his approval rate that NO ONE has came here to SAY THANK YOU ,,,YOU CAN FEEL GREAT IN KNOWING YOU WERE HEARD FAIR AND SQUAREj, or at least thanking him,,,because if you get THIS Judge ,,,you Have just been assigned to the best ALJ in the state of Oklahoma …..bar none

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