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  1. mike says:

    this lady makes 179,000 in 2019 and hasnt a clue what its like to be disabled. shes a disgrace to the bench and a racist. Good thing you cant sue judges because this idiot would be at the top of the list. if you are white you might is as well forget about it. Traci is a racist who hates white males and statistically rules against them. Ask for any other judge, especially if you are a white male. She doesnt make any decisions based on fact or merit. Only on race in a discrimination. Very sad day for those who are disabled and looking for help, IF thats you , youve come to the wrong place.

  2. john doe says:

    She is a racist. If you are white you dont stand a chance. Im a white male in my 30s and my lawyer informed me after her decision that had i been any other race she would have approved me. Just to give you an idea of what i got denied for, I had a brain hemmorhage and had a portion of my brain removed. This resulted in my heart not communicating with my brain properly so my heart beats around 180 beats per minute at rest. Its a shame, a racist like her has no business making decisions about someones future. She should be removed from any position of power. What a sin and what an incompetent horrible person.

  3. JF says:

    Judge Hixon took her time with my case she could tell I was very nervous and was having trouble talking. She did not rush me I felt she heard my side of the case. She asked pertinent questions and allowed me to answer as best I could. I am still awaiting a decision but whatever it is I am confident that Judge Hixon considered my testimony

  4. Ramona T. says:

    I was very nevous , but anxious to tell her about all my problems, I spoke a little soon because of it, but over all she was nice , ask questions about your health, but overall I liked her, and what ever the decision is I know she considers all the facts, and I know she understands the pain I have daily with swelling and all other factors, I’m hoping for a good outcome. Just have to wait on decision

  5. Anonymous says:

    We were very nervous on the day of the hearing and Judge Traci Hixson made us feel at ease. She was very professional and well prepared regarding our case. Judge Hixson asked very astute and insightful questions. By her questioning, I felt heard and that she understood what our position was. I think she is a fair and treats people with respect. Whatever the outcome I believe she will make a decision based on facts presented and the truth.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I was denied after my hearing. A lot about my denial letter is either wrong or missing. No mention of my medications that make me tired. No mention that I have MRSA and can’t have abdominal surgery. She wants me to work in a factory after being a bank manager? With men after being sexuallu harassed then wrongfully terminated? Wow I think I was discriminated against for many reasons.. In the letter I have problems talking to people then later I don’t? Wow I want going to win unless I was locked up in a rubber room

  7. Anonymous says:

    My hearing was September 28th. My case was left open and now scared it will take a long time to hear a decision. Judge Hixson was very nice but my council was not good. She didn’t submit records I told them about and they blamed me. I hope judge Hixson will see through a lot of that. She seemed very caring and aloud me to speak, however my anxiety was so bad I didn’t tell her everything I needed to about my pain and how severe my depression is. I was way too nervous. I think the judge saw I worked my whole life and couldn’t believe I was in disability court.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Wow! I thought she was a very good judge in the courtroom, I felt that I was heard and the questioning was very thorough to get an idea of why I have had to apply for disablity, until I got my decision…she took my testimony and only used parts of it or used it incorrectly to say that I was not credible! The hearing is audio taped, how can a judge not correctly document your testimony? How can they use parts of it and put it wherever they want to say you are not credible? It looks like she focused on one aspect and then ‘cherry picked’ through the testimony to find a way to discredit me and justify her decision. Not one mention of anything that was testified to of my daily pain and pain when trying to do household chores and the fact that I stated that my children and husband take the brunt of everything…she simply stated that I testified that I do all this, plus much more! She also discredited me for the fact that I had no choice but to drive myself to the hearing, without stating the reason that I explained and how I felt because of the drive and walk to the office. These are just a few things!

  9. Carla T says:

    Judge Hixson is very good. She is competent and thorough. I fell heard in her courtroom. She listened carefully and was familiar with my medical history at the time of the hearing.

  10. Tim Welles says:

    Judge Hixson is a very incompetent judge.

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